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Story and Theme Problems



  • I am going to delete both these posts as they are explicitly breaking the rules of  what I want here. Save what you want and move it to the other thread or make a new one.

  • @Svorai, et al: The Ichayra River was my favourite piece of lore when I first started playing, unless I'm horribly mistaken. Isn't there a special book right at the top of the mountain to the north (I'm afraid I forget the details, I remember something about ourobori and roots, and spending hours trying to piece together what the place represented), and it talks about a metaphysical river that connects all planes of existence, and is the mechanism by which souls travel to Dis and back. I always thought it was Imperian's version of the world tree concept.

    I hope I'm not mixing up my backgrounds, but I know a few of my first essays as a priest were on it, because it was delightfully vague about what exactly the Ichayra was. I'll try to look it up when I get home from work.
  • Why do you do this to me, Buddy Jesus? :(

    My list of questions about all the things:

    Where did the Leechtree originally come from?

    Where did the blight come from? Is it tied to the demonic realm? Is it undead? How did it get here?

    Why are wraithwood trees undead?

    Could we get more definition on the different planes and what they do. Is the Pit part of the demonic realm? Is it a bridge between the demonic realm and the prime material? (Is it full of glitter? Money says yes.)

    Where is this volcano? Why are its shards made of wonder instead of Pompeii?

    What happened to the moon shards?

    What differentiates shared skills? Runeguards and Shamans use the same runes. What makes them demonic vs non-demonic, other than that I keep threatening to draw @Ahkan's in lewd caricatures?

    Why did the demonic gods kill the demonic circle's gods? Why were the demonic gods originally in the rift? Who sealed them there and why?

    What is the Rift, in relation to the other planes?

    As per previous questions - Where is Avasyu's body? Is this an untapped resource that an organization can use?

    Would it be possible to establish avenues of conflict through the nature councils, by adopting a blighted nature vs magickal nature vs survivalist nature set-up?

  • IniarIniar Australia
    If a god dies, is it really a god?
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    @Kanthari - Nytid explained the origin of the Demon Gods to Caelya in-game in exchange for jewelry (not that that ensures its truthfulness at all). When the world was created, supposedly, they were trapped in the rift - not as a punishment, but just as a result of circumstance. Wrong place, wrong time, or something. So they spent eternity being these powerful deities that couldn't escape a prison, but could get glimpses of the outside world and its 'overlords' (our Gods).

    Pretty naturally, they were envious, they grew bitter. They reached out and tried at least a few times to trick mortals into releasing them (there were ghosts of these people in the portal, warning against progression), but failed until certain individuals proved very persistent and totally accidentally released them upon the world. When they were released, I'm sure they were grateful super deep down, but they were also super bitter and feeling vengeful, so they sought to take down the entire pantheon of the Gods that were allowed to enjoy Aetherius in all its glory for millennia while they were stuck in a dark hole somewhere. 

    That pantheon included Gods that had been involved with 'demonic' organizations, sure, but any sort of similarities meant nothing when it came to a literal eternity of bitterness, hatred, and envy. The Demon Gods wanted what our Gods had, and they didn't want to share it. And so the pretty violent and brutal war for Aetherius started.

    I can't promise all of this is accurate, and I realize there are still some weird plot holes, but it's what I recall from Nytid's admittedly vague explanation.

  • IniarIniar Australia
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    If the gods were not omniscient, and thus simultaneously complete in all time, if not omnipotent (as they clearly weren't), are they really gods?
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  • @Iniar -- I'm going to interject that it depends on one's definition of what makes a god. A Judeo-Christian understanding of "God" -- omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient -- implies eternity and foreknowledge and all that jazz. If that was the understanding of Imperian gods, your questions would erode at mythos. A more classical Greco-Roman understanding of "God" gives some wiggle room there. Even though the Pantheon was not necessarily a direct port over from Greek or Roman mythology or anything, many Greek gods were simply awesome glorified beings who had a particular domain and, like humans, were petty and selfish. And they could be outwitted and weakened and defeated.

    A better question is "How did Immortals die if they were immortal?" ;)
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    No argument. If we go with that definition, then anyone sufficiently awesome and glorified can be a god. Go, go Lhortae.

    E: My question was a rhetorical in response to the story given to Caelya. So the canon is that we did have Greco-Roman style gods. (right?) Which -really- isn't any different to an extremely powerful individual, so powerful they seem immortal. With that framework in mind, it's easier to answer the question "How did Immortals die if they were immortal?" ( See above question, ala If a god dies, is it really a god? ) Answer: They weren't really immortal.

    Aka can you be indestructible (immortal) without being omnipotent?
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  • yes
  • Taqja said:

    A better question is "How did Immortals die if they were immortal?" ;)
    Elves in LotR were considered immortal by virtue of infinite lifespan. So I guess that works. Then again, so are the players and NPCs, so...

  • Okay, I think I have what I need. I am closing this thread as it is getting off topic from what I wanted. 

    I will have more questions coming though.

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