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This is a repost from the announce news where you can discuss how evil IRE is.


Date: 6/9/2013 at 0:01
From: Jeremy
To  : Everyone
Subj: Iron Realms Lottery

Imagine winning 10K, 15K, or even 20K credits! What the heck would you do with all those credits? Artifacts? Skills? New characters? Maybe you would just give them all away? I wager all of us can come up with a nice wish list.

We have released a new (and pretty exciting) contest today with chances to win massive amounts of credits.

Iron Realms is running a cross game lottery for a weekly 5,000 credit prize. Every week we will draw for a winner. If no winner is found that week, we will roll the prize over and raise the pot by 5,000 more credits for the following week.

This means that prize can get massive.

So how do you get lottery tickets?

Just buy credits like normal, and you will receive one free ticket per credit. Alternatively you can buy tickets with credits.

First drawing will be in exactly one week!

You can read all the little details in HELP IRON REALMS LOTTERY.

Good luck!


  • Sounds nifty, but out of curiousity, how would a winner not be found?
  • 50% that they'll actually pick a winner.. Personally, I think it'd be pretty funny if we went through all four weeks and didn't have a single winner picked at all.
  • Someone will get a really big prize in that case. 

  • edited June 2013
    Me: LOTTERY.

    Edit to prevent double-post: I actually have a feeling that Achaea will have more winners than Imperian. No facts or reason to back that up. I am curious how all the IRE games rank as far as purchased credits from the playerbase.
  • Jeremy said:
    Someone will get a really big prize in that case. 
    You misunderstood me.. I meant it'd be funny if the RNG landed on the no winner side of 50% for every drawing, thus having no winner at all, period... Pretty sure there would be a 100% chance for a winner in the very last drawing though...
  • This doesn't seem to be just a monthly promotion, at least nothing I've seen has said it'll be ending at the end of the month.
  • Right, we are going to run it for a few weeks instead of ending on the last day of the month. We will also make sure we end with a winner.

  • Breaking news! The lottery rolled over without a winner and the jackpot is now 10,000 credits! Check out Announce news #2376 for the full details. This is getting intense.
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