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Descriptions thread

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Title says it all. If you have a description of something that's nifty, neat, or think people would like to see as a reference throw it up.

a blistered leechwood tree
Formed from the fused lengths of numerous arm-thick ropes of red-black fiber, the eldritch form of the leechwood tree rises far out of sight into the sky above. The wood of the tree pulses slowly, drawing energy into itself from the collection of root structures trailing out of its base. A rhythmic thrumming noise is audible, emanating from the heart of the tree. With each powerful vibration, a burst of evolution can be seen in the leaves and root base. Along the surface of the wood, various open sores have formed, leaking a grey-blue sap tinged with red that shimmers as it runs down the length of the tree. A small depression can be seen beneath one of the lower hanging branches, the interior darker than the deepest night. The leaves of the tree, abundant in the high overhead near the canopy, are a stark ghost white, run through with veins of the same grey-blue that leaks from the sores evident along its trunk. Various leaves have also become infused with a ruddy, sanguineous shade. A dark veil surrounds the tree, giving the perception of perpetual night.

This odd little creature appears to be flakes and strips of bark come to life. The woodling is tiny, allowing it to hide easily in the knots and burls of trees.

She is a radiant Diabolus. Her gracile form holds a harrowing, tumultuous beauty. The ashen skin of her body is speckled with roughened ligneous patches that resemble the bark of the Leechwood. Her slender legs taper into contorted roots, perpetually seeking purchase within the soil beneath them. Olanre's arms are twisted and bent in unnatural positions, akin to the warped and crooked branches of the Tree. A cluster of stark white blue-veined leaves sprout from her shoulders forming an impressive mantle that frames her face.  She is crowned with a wreath of scarlet blossoms that surround her with an earthy, green resinous fragrance.  Her face is sharply angled, with deep arboraceous hollows and crags.  A sanguine light rises from the depths of smoldering, angled eyes both radiant and terrible to behold.

Rynar the shadow
A mass of shadows surround the majority of this wraith lord. His black hair blends in with the darkness around him, and his bright white eyes peer out to observe his surroundings. Simple clothes cover what the shadows don't, but what little flesh is exposed appears to be melting, giving way to the bones beneath. A scythe is grasped within his grip, readily available to strike down his foes.

(why are these the Gods I have descriptions of? Jesus)
He is a radiant Immortal. He is standing before you in an innate regal dignity. For the sake of mortal kind's ability to fathom Him, He has chosen to manifest Himself in the form of a flawless Sylayan. Like all elves, His features are sharp and suave. Framing His face whisps of sleek, silken black hair have been left somewhat tousled to give Him character. Like the backdrop of a starless midnight sky His hair cascades down over His poised shoulders and back, leaving something to be desired. As sure as a full moon contrasts such a sky, two pensive golden hues glitter in contrast with an unspoken wisdom. Tawny skin blankets His form and complexion, seemingly poured over Him like liquid bronze. Angular, pointed ears are often tuned in on some unheard discussion, finding mortality intriguing. Taut shoulders slope smoothly down into strong arms and firm hands, in which He grasps a walking stick. Adorning His feet are a pair of simple sandals, often times left to the side so that He may more fully enjoy the feel of the warm sand or plush grasses beneath Him. He is wearing long and flowing robes of golden yellow silk, a white gold chain necklace adorned with a glowing topaz key, and a topaz-set knot-work ring.

He is a radiant Immortal. He is shimmering in and out of perspective reality. You try to focus upon Him but His face keeps morphing from one appearance to the the next, causing your mind to boggle to such extremities that you are occasionally forced to look away. One could easily be driven into insanity just by merely staring at Him for too long. He is wearing a ring of pestilence, a Helm of Auspex, a pair of knee-high leather boots, a Girdle of Dementation, a ring, a pocketbelt, a Sash of Malkav, a silver-hued rose, a necklace of purity, a leather falconry glove, an obsidan collar, a pair of gauntlets, and a pair of sleek, black leather trousers. He wields glowing strands of flowing primal chaosin His left hand and The Rapier of Comedy in His right.

She is a radiant Immortal. She is wreathed in a corona of interwoven shadow and liquid flame. Her angular face is as beautiful as it is cruel, the freezing beauty of merciless power reflected in every line of Her features. Her tilted eyes burn with a steady crimson flame, no pupil nor iris visible within the raging inferno of Her gaze. Her flame-coloured hair tumbles freely over Her shoulders, its pulsing strands resembling the flows of lava around the shadowed nimbus of Her form. The aura of shadow and flame dances about Her powerful, graceful silhouette, flowing over her midnight skin in a coruscating whirlwind of energy. Behind Her, draconic wings spread out in an ominous, looming shadow, their edges tipped with blackened steel claws. She is wearing the Quiver of Flame, a pair of stony gauntlets inscribed with odd symbols, and Bracers of War.

She is a radiant Immortal. Taking the form of a tall, formidable woman clothed for battle, She stands veiled in swirling particles of energy. Her visage, untouched by mortal cares, is pale in perfection and as luminescent as the moon called Aryana. Her hair is an inconstant colour, shifting in cool variations of Moradeim's ever-changing hues. Dark are Her eyes, their black and scarlet depths speaking to the terror of Sukhder and the power with which She holds Her gaze. Three conjoined moons glint from a heavy chain around Her neck, one a white gold, another a dark iron, and the last of brass.

She is a radiant Immortal. Her form is perpetually enveloped by a vibrant nimbus of rich sapphire blue. Despite possessing the visage of an eternal maiden, Her brilliant blue eyes are bright and clear, the Wisdom of the Ages reflected within them. Her long blonde curls have been gathered back in an intricate plait, a few snowy white ringlets mingling with the golden locks to belie her otherwise youthful appearance. A bright blue and white columbine flower winds around the base of Her braids, the twisted strands draped over Her shoulder and continuing down nearly to Her waist. A perfect white lily rests on Her hip, attached to a gold chain that loops around Her waist. Where She stands, the colours are more intense and brilliant than those of the surrounding area.

She is a radiant Immortal. She is surrounded in a veil of Night that obscures the finer details of Her features. Tiny spheres of starlight hover around Her being, their incandescent lights twinkling as they move gracefully to form the various constellations. Her bountiful glossy black hair flows wildly in long curls behind Her and seems to stretch across the sky. Her eyes are large and almond shaped, suffused with the sapphire luminescence of the stars. She is wearing a necklace made of star sapphire gems, a crown made from motes of starlight, a simple sapphire velvet gown, a pair of sapphire embroidered slippers, a sapphire star circlet, an engraved silver ring, and a star-shaped mark.


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    She is a radiant Entity. Her svelte humanoid form is feminine, but void of detail. Bluish gray skin glows with a dull inner light, and is covered in silvery-white patterns that twist about her body. Her face is hidden behind a white mask, the only features being two hairs-width black lines that run from brow to jaw bisecting each of the eyes. Light beams from the eyes of the mask, no face visible within. Wavy hair of silver curls round her head, moving with a life of its own.

    She is a radiant Morphae. She has taken on the form of a young woman, her height formidable and her form fear-inspiring. She is wreathed in flames alone save for the five veils that cover her face and shield her surroundings from the full force of her smoldering eyes. Darkness pools at her feet as if in subservience, and her hands are a ghastly bone-white, devoid of colour in their extreme heat. She wields a flaming whip in her left hand and a pitch-black staff in her right.

    She is a radiant Ascendari. Standing barely over five and a half feet tall, Isra exudes a confident aura which is matched by her lean and well-toned body. Her skin is as soft as a feather, and is quite pale except for the faint blush permanently etched upon her cheeks. Chiseled features adorn her flawless visage, though seem to be gracefully rounded in various places in order to soften her appearance. Brilliant, round sapphire eyes capture all that is around the Huntress, often darting to one place or another even when Isra herself stands still. Luscious curls of earth and fire drop down her back, and frame her face with the effects of a waterfall of locks cascading below each ear. Her ears are slightly enlarged, ending in a rounded point which barely sticks out of her mass of hair. Her arms and hands, though small, show a well-developed muscular structure which has been honed by the Hunt of many beasts with a multitude of weaponry. She is wearing a sleeveless, sage green tunic, light-colored tan leather leggings, sturdy boots of softened, brown leather, a brown leather scabbard, an intricately woven leather quiver, and a silver circlet embellished with emerald and sapphire.

    He is a radiant Diabolus. Iridescent obsidian scales cover his tall and imposing form, interrupted by serpentine lines of blood red scales that twist and write about themselves like snakes. His body is lithe, and near perfectly proportioned, with tightly coiled muscles stretching beneath his polished scales. The armour he wears appears to crafted more to accentuate the perfection of his ssylsin form, and is comprised elaborate shining metal wrapping around one muscular arm ending in razor sharp metal claws, and a like elaborate piece upon his opposing hip. His immensely tall form appears to absorb the light around him, casting his serpentine face into a darkness. Casting vibrant crimson light from within the darkness, his eyes are garnet orbs split by a sliver of pupil. His brow is wreathed with a wicked crown of polished metal and bone, and his cobra-like hood frames his narrow and wicked face.

    I have no idea what Svorai looks like. That's on someone else.
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    I hope it's alright that I've added the descriptions for the Entities onto their own pages on the ImperianWiki (Olanre, Hastati, Isra, Samaos, Zaimael, and the non-Entity thing that is the woodling). 

    It is such a great idea and generous of you to share these wonderful descriptions by the way, here's hoping there are more to come! :)
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    Nemesis Order Mobs:

    Raj, the Jackal King
    This creature is a mass of sleek black fur and sinewy grace, towering over its cousins and kin. Sharp triangular ears protrude from its head, lined with finer hair that blurs their outline slightly, and liquid golden eyes sit above its long muzzle, taking in its surroundings with diligence. There is a certain aura about this animal, a grace inherent to its movements, arrogance in its stance that defines it as a jackal even more than its physical self. As docile as it may seem one moment, there is no mistaking the power behind its muscles, the strength of its gait, or the intelligence behind its eyes.

    Eligor, the Warrior of Blood
    Nearly seven feet in height, the imposing figure of Eligor carries with it the embodiment of force and power caught within the whirlwind of holy fury. His crimson skin contrasts with his long, jet black hair, and red pupils burn within the midnight depths of his eyes. His handsome, sculpted face holds no emotion, the stony facade betrayed only by the raging fire within his terrible glare. A circlet of blackened steel set with a single ruby rests on his forehead, the stone glowing with an ethereal flame. His charred steel armor has been set with many horrific spikes, turning his muscular body into a monstrous chitin drenched with the blood of enemies. A voluminous cloak of crimson is draped over his shoulders, the black head of a jackal emblazoned on it. A heavy curved scimitar made of dark metal is sheathed over Eligor's back, the deadly weapon within a second's reach of his powerful, gauntleted hands.

    This young man's face bears the angry scars left from fire. He is clad in crimson robes and simple sandals adorn his feet. A bulky pack of some size has been strapped to his back and hair the colour of night covers his head, a wisp of a dark crown, one unruly shock hanging over one eye. One hand hangs limp from the wrist, two fingers curled tightly, the others loose and uncontrolled.

    A large armoured orc named Belyap
    The eyes of this former orc have been melted away to replaced by hateful, living fire, which laps out of the ruined holes to scorch his flesh. Great twisted black horns emerge from either side of the creature's fore-head, peeling and sharpened to wicked points, down which foul and stinking blood drips. His skin in patches gives way to crimson scale, shining and hot to the touch, in other places the skin has sloughed off but not been replaced, leaving behind places of rotting flesh which ooze a stinking pus. Massive shards of sharpened bone emerge randomly from the twisted creature, causing its movement to be awkward and pained, yet undeniably deadly as goblets of flesh hang from several of the jagged edges. Where its feet ones were are now two pools of flickering flame, lapping out towards any whom come close in their hunger for living flesh, meanwhile burning and scorching the legs above.
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    Cassiopeia Order Mobs (I don't have descs for them all)

    A small green cricket
    This interesting green insect is green in color, allowing it to be camouflaged well amongst trees and other foliage. Its body is flat, and the head bears long curling antennae. Large hind legs give the insect a great ability to jump. It has small wings, that when rubbed together create a unique chirp or trill.

    A tiny black owl named Sauda
    This tiny owl bears unusually dark black feathers, that glisten as if anointed with oils. This small specimen does not bear the usual tufts of feathers that normally mark the species. A wing span no longer than a human hand gives the owl a deceptively fragile appearance. She has over-large forward facing eyes that glitter with an incandescent light, the hue showing silver alternating with black. Her small flat face bears a hawkish beak of ivory, and her talons are tipped with the same ivory though barely seen beneath her elegant feathers. A miasma of Night surrounds her, the darkness broken now and again by winking flashes of motes of starlight. Fastened to her leg is a silver strip that gives her name to be Sauda.

    A firefly
    Tiny and slow-moving, a firefly floats through the air. The light it gives off is reminiscent of the stars themselves.

    Nyema, a starsong sprite
    Barely three inches in height, this sprite appears to be similar to a miniature tanari. Completely nude, the sprite appears feminine in shape, but is devoid of any real gender. A blue-white glow emanates from her silver-hued skin, much like the light that emanates from a star. Her head is slightly elongated, and lacks any sign of hair. Orbs of sapphire comprise the whole of her eyes, and sparkle in the light radiated by her body. Many translucent wings grow from her back like tiny, fluttering ribbons, dancing around chaotically, and very much resembling a burst of starlight leaping forth from her shoulders. As her tiny wings flutter, they emit a soft humming that changes in pitch depending on how fast they are beat. Despite her size and delicate features, she keeps a proud air about her form as she moves.

    Danika, She-Wolf of the Stars
    This she-wolf is small for a female, making her quick and agile for stalking prey and intruders. Her form is slender, yet well muscled beneath her smooth and shaggy coat of fur. Small black paws have been cushioned heavily with rough pads which sturdy abnormally long legs for a wolf. Her muzzle is longer and narrower than most, which gives her a more intelligent and thoughtful look. Two sharp fangs often stick out from her bottom lip, giving her a comical look as if she is grinning or amused. Small and glassy, her left eye is coloured of silver and her right of sapphire. The fur of her coat is a deep grey tone which, when clean, takes on a gloss that makes the hair appear to shimmer silver. Her left ear is often flopped lazily over from its alert point, but is quick to retake its proper place should any alarms be raised. The fur upon her face is much softer than the rest of her body and is so faintly grey that it gives the impression of being white. Upon her forehead is a patch of midnight coloured fur in the form of a small star, gifted by the Lady of the Night Sky as a symbol of Danika's loyalty to Her. Her ears are always listening with full awareness as a she-wolf would when protecting Her young.

    Dinara, She-Wolf of Night
    Being slightly taller in stature than the average wolf, this she-wolf stands with an aura of alert and aware attention. Her shoulders are broad with thick muscles that are covered with a coat of midnight coloured fur. She is well-fed, yet still retains her lean shape that is required for a creature of the Night. Her legs possess the power of a true predator, ending in paws thicker than most to retain silence in her stalking of prey. Housing teeth, which have been sharpened to fierce points, her muzzle is covered in soft silver fur. Light silver colouring covers most of her face and is especially bright around her eyes. Her ears are black with only the back of the point possessing a silver gloss. The soft thick coat of black on her body is only morphed by a small star between her shoulders gifted by the Lady of the Night Sky in the form of shimmering star-dusted silver fur. Instead of normal yellow wolfish eyes, Dinara has a left of sapphire and a right eye coloured of silver which are constantly on the lookout for danger.

    A silver star-marked shewolf
    Being of average wolf stature, this she-wolf might look ordinary save for her extensive musculature. Exuding a strong aura of strength, this animal also walks with pride and loyalty to its family. Her thick coat is a rich silver tone, which seeps into the color of midnight from the middle of her legs down to her paws. Each of her ears is pointed keenly to the skies, listening intently for any signs of danger or call from another of her kind. Though the usual eye of the wolf is yellow, this she-wolf possesses a unique combination of deep blue and black. A small star-shaped patch of fur has been marked squarely upon her back between her powerful shoulder blades, made apparent by its rich black color.

    Davla, a tiny black spotted kitten
    This odd little kitten is covered in fluffy downy fur of black that has unique white star-shaped spots. Her little claws are sharp, allowing her to climb any surface she can cling to. She is wild and rambunctious, usually found attempting to gain attention or adoration.

    Tae'ia, Jaguar of Night
    This large cat is a creature of night. Her silken black fur is spotted with silver along the length of her back and sides. She is highly muscled, the rippling of them is prominent with her every deliberate movement. The broad face of this powerful feline appears gentle, but it is a deception. Her mouth if filled with razor sharp fangs, with a few silver whiskers lining the outside of her mouth. Her tail is long and thin, and very expressive.

    Ol'lani, a miniature hedgehog
    This tiny, brown, spined creature has black beady eyes and long claws used for burrowing. Though small, it is a curious creature, approaching and exploring anything new until threatened, when it will curl into a tight spiney ball for protection.

    Caslin, a silver nightingale
    This tiny bird flits about with an amazing energy, his glittering black eyes sparkling brightly as he sings his song. His golden beak often clacks gently as he tries to flit about. His body is a brilliant grey, shiny to the point of appearing silver while two black streaks shift from his eyes to his chin. His long tail flicks about as it needs to when in flight, the feathers bright and glittering in the light. His little feet are delicate indeed, wonderful for any level of bouncing he might have to do.

    Sael, The Sneaky otter
    Small in size, this beautiful female otter is covered in a sleek, shiny coat of brown and black fur.  Towards her chest, the browns fade into a light tan color, which fades to a darker brown under her chin.  Her small snout is surrounded by long, thick whiskers that constantly twitch and flick about as she moves around.  Two beady black eyes peer from a somewhat flat head, with tiny ears to match.  Short, stubby legs end with wide paws, each lined with a sharp set of claws.  Her tail flops about behind her as she moves, which gives her an almost sinuous appearance when she's in water.

    Veriah, the Star-Eyed
    Her wings are soft translucent silver, barred in a light grey, this kestrel seems ghostlike in her form. Black tear-like marks under her eyes enhance the intensity of its gaze, drawing attention to the fact that her eyes are devoid of any color at all, the star-specked void of the sky looking out. Just over a foot in height, at full extension her wingspan is more than double that. Her manner is usually calm and placid, hardly making a sound as it moves.

    Lady Cantrella Nightblade
    Standing over six feet, the female warrior is obviously the sister or close relation of Arioch Nightblade. She is a tanari human, with hair of jet black that is neatly coiled at her ears. Her face is weathered, yet bears an unearthly beauty in her eyes that sparkle like silver stars. Her armour is of truesilver, and she carries a long sword on either hip, the scabbards decorated and adorned with stars and owls.

    a black star-eyed horse
    This black stallion appears to be a creature of Night. His glossy black coat gleams, oiled and shining.  Large silver eyes stare out from a noble visage, which is gracefully muscled. A mane of ebony flows behind his head, and tied within the strands are tiny winking lights. His hooves are silver, thought slightly tarnished.

    Cidera, an intelligent hippopotamus
    Ol'wae, the Silver-Eyed
    Maristela, the Pretty Peddler
    Jaevia, a large pointed-wing moth
    Liont, Night Monkey
    Lyndae, a tawny lioness
    Sibyl, Oracle of the Stars
    Jyras, Sael ie Cidera
    Arioch Nightblade
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    Dump of familiar descriptions incoming.

    Short: a beguiling sylphid
    Dropped: The diaphanous form of a beguiling sylphid wavers impalpably in the air.
    Examined: Tiny and svelte of form, the gilded figure of this beguiling sylphid is nearly translucent. This fae-like creature is a primordial elemental humanoid, formulated by air. The face of the sylphid vacillates constantly from childishly innocent to seductively cruel. The eyes of the sylphid are immutable, remaining a prismatic blue. The crisp scent of ozone permeates the atmosphere where the sylphid hovers, manipulating the currents and drafts around her.

    Short:  a malevolent hob
    Dropped: A hirsute malevolent hob squats here, ranting and spitting curses.
    Examined: This foul creature is a member of the lowest hierarchy of demon-kind. The stumpy little body of the hob is red-skinned where it can be seen between patches of wiry black hair. The arms of the hob are longer than the entire length of his body and drag upon the ground, leaving them caked with grime and rife with sores. A bulbous head sits upon a skinny neck, and features a huge mouth of decaying teeth. Two long ears ending in sharp points frame either side of its head, a thick ooze running from their inner tunnels. The abhorrent creature is surly and malodorous, often cursing and spitting at those in his path.

    Short: a resplendent celestial
    Dropped: A resplendent celestial hovers nearby in stoic silence, exuding a lambent glow.
    Examined: The imposing figure of this resplendent celestial is nearly obscured by a brilliant scintillation of light. Towering over most mortal-kind, the celestial is the embodiment of holy majesty and divine righteousness. Mimicking the visage of a human male, the celestial has sublimely sculpted features. His expression is glacial, his silvered eyes displaying no emotion. His hair is golden, flowing across his broad expanse of muscled shoulders. His skin is auroral, glistening even in the darkest of shadows. He wears a simple robe of red that is secured by a thin mithril cord. Powerful wings rise up from his shoulder blades in a sublime arc of golden plumage. Each feather bears silver striations weaving around the individual shafts and rachis. Within his grasp is an indomitable mace, wreathed in blinding coruscating flames.

    Short: an aqueous nix
    Dropped: An aqueous nix is slumped here, a puddle of water gathering beneath his feet.
    Examined: The nix is an elemental creature of water and it appears as a sodden humanoid. His bluish skin is pallid and clammy, with a smattering of shining black scales interspersed across his bare torso and limbs. The head of the nix is covered with a curious agglomeration of algae and kelp in shades of green, blue and gentian. He has slimy webbed paws with salient black nails that he uses for prying open mollusks and scavenging river beds. The nix has bulbous eyes with three eyelid membranes. The lipless aqueous mouth of the nix is filled with pedicellate teeth, and his lower jaw can unhinge to devour large fish. The legs of the creature are frog-like and bent oddly at the knee. Large webbed feet slap at the ground, with toe pads that act as suction cups and make a soggy plopping noise when in motion.

    Short: a despotic moloch
    Dropped: A despotic moloch lounges elegantly here, displaying a casual insolence.
    Examined:  This magisterial creature is a rare demon of towering proportions. A grimy nimbus of soot and ash encircles the perimeter of the moloch, but does not detract from his provocative countenance. Once a member of demonic aristocracy, the moloch has a haughty, domineering mien. His skin is a glistening shade of black, covering strong musculature that contracts and extends powerfully. The face of the moloch is graced with high cheekbones and a strong jaw. His eyes are a fiery, implacable red that survey his surroundings with obvious disdain. His hair is worn neatly braided into long rows and tied back at the nape of his neck. The moloch is robed in simple elegance with a length of black silk.

    Short: a brumal mehteh
    Dropped: A small brumal mehteh sits here, inspecting his large feet and picking ice from between his toes.
    Examined: This small anthropoid is known as a mehteh. It is covered in white, rancid fur that is frozen in patches along the torso of the beast. The head of the mehteh is rounded with a face devoid of fur, revealing leathery grey skin. Its eyes are bulbous orbs of pale blue and clouded, as if frosted. The arms of the mehteh are long and gangly, the knuckles cracked and bloody from dragging the ground. A deep cleft between the digits of its hands gives the beast unusual dexterity for traversing the frozen grounds of its home. Long, wide feet are covered with the same bedraggled fur, with leathery padded soles that make distinct footprints. A resonating roar is the common call of the mehteh, but they are equipped with unique vocal chords that allow them a perfect mimicry.

    Short: an aphotic umbra
    Dropped: The dark shape of an aphotic umbra lingers nearby, eclipsing the natural light.
    Examined: The umbra appears as a shadow-figure, and frequently takes the shape and silhouette of its Master or Mistress. It is semi-opaque, dark enough to be seen easily but still hazy. The only abiding and constant feature of the umbra are a pair of large green eyes that resemble those of a cat. In bright light, the black pupil within the eye narrows to a mere slit, and in dim light the pupil dilates to a large, round disk. When light is shined directly into the eyes of the umbra, a mirror-like effect is created. The faint odor of tar can be detected when the creature is present.

    short: a tiny garden golem
    Dropped:  A tiny garden golem is here, leaning against the stalk of a large daisy in his hand.
    Examined:  This tiny golem is vaguely human in appearance, though a miniature version. He is formed of red clay, and his features are not distinguishable. Lines within the clay around the face of the creature are patterned to resemble a luxurious beard that comes to the center of the golem's chest. He is wearing a bright  red tunic and blue pants that are tied around his waist with a bit of twine. A tall conical green hat is perched atop his head. He is wielding a rather large daisy in one hand, the large petals giving the little creature shade wherever he goes.

    Short: a gritty sandling
    Dropped: A gritty sandling is here, munching on a piece of quartz.
    Examined: Beautiful, white desert sand comprises the body of this odd little creature. The calculous sandling is humanoid in appearance, with arms and legs proportionate to its body. The creature is a tiny thing, and can easily sit in the palm of your hand. The abrasive body of the sandling is constantly evolving as it munches and crunches on any available quartz or mineral. A gentle heat emanates from the thing, the temperature of sun-warmed sands.

    Short:  a sooty sprite
    Dropped: The black puffball form of a sooty sprite rolls around here, leaving a dirty trail behind it
    Examined: This odd little creature is a sprite. Formed by a composite of soot, ash and magick the sooty sprite is a unique creature. The fuzzy black puffball has two spindly legs and two wiry little arms that give him a spider-like appearance. Two large, expressive googly eyes are atop his head and almost float slightly above its body. A slightly sweet yet smoky scent clings to the sprite, reminiscent of marshmallows over a campfire.

    Short:  a fractious changeling
    Dropped:A fractious changeling abides here, pouting petulantly.
    Examined:  This small demonic creature appears as a young human child, until you look more closely. Inky black coils of hair spring forth from the head of the changeling, forming a riotous mass of curls. Several spiraling strands have fallen over the round wide eyes of the girl, but do little to detract from the horrific sight of her dead black eyes. She is plump with dimpled arms and legs, and chubby cheeks. Her skin has the pallor of death, but when suffused with a bloody meal she almost appears to be flush with ruddy health. Her mouth is filled with rows of tiny jagged teeth and her forked tongue often darts out, tasting the air for blood. Her angry little face is often screwed into a pout, or at least a tantrum.

    Short: a melodious cherub
    Dropped:  A chubby cherub hovers in the air here, held aloft on gilded wings.
    Examined:  This roly-poly little cherub resembles a plump, mortal toddler. His head is capped with wisps of downy white hair that is constantly in motion due to the buffeting winds made by his wings. The cherub has a plump little face with strawberry-tinted cheeks and large blue eyes, complete with several chins. Fluffy white clouds seem to follow this cherub and serve as his clothing. His fat little feet and toes are constantly in motion as are his wings. The small feathered arcs protruding from his back are gilded and shine in the sun like pure gold.

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    Hastati (the previous description posted above was her predecessor entity, Zhiash):

    She is a radiant Ascendari. Tall and lithe, her elegant form is shadowed by large, dark wings, their feathers like ribbons of night blowing and swaying within stormy winds. The joints of the hawk-like wings are capped with armour-like pieces made of shining gold. A white mask with unremarkable facial features save the dramatically slit eyes hides her face from view, the brow arching high over her head like a crown, and two black grooves falling from each eye to the jawline below. A bright light radiates from the eyes of the mask, almost obscuring the solid amber orbs of the Ascendari's eyes, and completely obscuring any other features as if the glow is coming from her skin itself. She is clothed in an elaborately embroidered gown of crimson with a wide and flowing skirt that is cut to allow for easier movement, whereas the rest of the gown clings tightly to her svelte form. Her chest and arms are bedecked in golden armour with delicate plating fit to her form, its surface buffed to an iridescent sheen.
  • AleutiaAleutia Member, Historian Posts: 363 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Some of the new familiars:

    a cumbrous boneling

    A cumbrous humanoid boneling is here, clicking softly with every nervous movement.

    Skeletal in both structure and material, this cumbrous boneling stands about knee-high and consists of a small skeleton bound together with sinews and tendons covered in thick, leathery hide. A small intelligent-looking face peers out from a mass of bone-carved ringlets, her wide blue eyes stark in comparison with the rest of her bone-hued body. Layers of what looks like armour or clothing cover her body, little more than slats of tiny bones lashed together and tied at every joint.

    a doltish duende

    A doltish duende is here, whistling an entirely off-key tune.

    This tiny humanoid is bulbous in facial features and topped with a curly mop of dusty golden hair. His face itself is rather triangular and touched with a doltish smirk of disinterest. A pointy foppish hat of red felt periodically falls from atop his head, though he is quick to grab it up with his long, spindly fingers -- a trial, as he has no opposable thumbs. He is clad in dark, dusty clothing in sore need of mending, and his golden eyes gleam dully.

    a waspish mimi

    A waspish mimi is here, her stick-thin body of burnt orange wavering in any nearby breeze.

    This tiny, elongated humanoid creature is perhaps two feet in height and hovers by her own power. Long limbs like pale, burnt-orange twigs extend far longer than average, terminating in small, extremely thin hands and feet as slender as toothpicks. A slim, delicate face is lit by two intelligent blue eyes, her eyelashes inordinately dark and thick. White hair falls straight from her head, chopped roughly at her waist.
  • EoghanEoghan Member, Immortal Posts: 1,073 mod
    edited October 2017
    What's that? Four year thread necromancy? I get to do that, I'm an admin.

    Per request, Thanatos's description.

    He is resplendently garbed. He towers over the tallest Xiur, yet remains proportionate, taking on the form of a Tanari. Skin, pasty in colour, looks supple and enhances the noble features of His face. High cheekbones rest below dark and piercing eyes and above lips of pale blue, mimicking a fresh corpse. He is clad in black pants and matching shirt, which are covered by an elegant frock coat of black and silver and topped off by the crown of the Underworld. Shadows coalesce around His feet and lower limbs, ever moving and often engulfing Him for moments at a time.

    (I don't promise to post any or all descriptions that are requested, sorry. You can message me and pray, though)
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  • OystirOystir Member Posts: 454 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2017
    THE HELP IS HIRED ~~~~~~~~ 
    Also thanks to the admin for the super fast approvals <3

    Library overlooking the lake.
    A wide bookcase made of smooth white aspen has been built here. Emitting heat from its place upon 
    the floor is a rather plush red-silk floor pillow. With unblinking eyes staring vacantly elsewhere, 
    a silvery lamira librarian idles here. This is a library. 

    "librarian208898"         a silvery lamira librarian

    Five and a half feet tall, this librarian is an unassuming presence. The faint female curves at the 
    waist and chest mark her as female, while scales and hairlessness define her lamiran race. Her eyes 
    are wide, round, and a dull coppery color. She does not possess normal eyelids, instead, a glossy 
    film covers her eyes which leave her in a perpetual stare. This paired with her unusually still 
    posture gives her an impression of vacancy, though it is hard to be sure. She wears only a pair of 
    black trousers, so diminutive in feminine features that a top is really unnecessary. Her exposed 
    torso bares the unique shading of her scales. Shimmery and silver, they are in fine and seamless 
    layers that give her a reflective quality. Gills slit her neck and her head is round but crowned 
    with a fleshy fin that spikes backward towards her spine.

    A dusky driftwood kitchen.
    A cast iron stove sits in the corner. A lamira cook with vivid orange scales is here, his apron 
    equipped with a series of knives.
    You see a single exit leading east.

    "cook150441"              a striped orange lamira cook

    It is difficult to tell the age of this lamira cook, as his body's scaly make-up remains fresh 
    against the wrinkles of age. His height of five feet seven inches and toned build suggests he has 
    overcome the majority of his youth. A vibrant shade of orange runs sleek across his entire body, 
    though horizontal white lines streak across his arms and back. Bright blue eyes slightly larger than 
    is typical give him a quality of cuteness that is present in the smooth shape of his natural smile 
    and his rounded nose. He wears his hair in a center part, allowing the straight strands to fall on 
    either side of his head in perfect symmetry. At its roots it is a red-orange shade that fades to 
    dark brown at the tips that hang to his temples. He wears heavily-padded canvas trousers and an open-
    collared white shirt with sleeves tightly rolled above his elbows. This is largely concealed by a 
    thick apron that covers his front, which bears a single pocket on one side and a row of sheathed 
    fillet knives on the right.
     You say, "This is much harder than just being a normal person."
  • SarriusSarrius Member, Beta Testers Posts: 1,682 ✭✭✭✭✭
    So, I promised I'd post the Plagues I summon:
    "nightmare118700"         the Nightmare
    Number of objects: 5
    The majority of this ever shifting creatures is nothing more than dark shadows twisting in upon
    itself, however, its head is made of bright white bone, and taking the shape of a human's skull. 
    Within the sockets of the skull are bright red eyes that glow within the endless darkness of his 
    form. Once the creature chooses a form, two hands tipped in sharpened claws appear from within the 
    darkness, matching the teeth that protrude from his jaw.
    The Nightmare almost glows with nearly god-like power.
    It weighs about 375 pounds.
    It is loyal to Sarrius.
    You see nothing in it.
    The Nightmare screeches as his massive, ethereal claws swipe at the edges of your mind.
    His jaws extending forwards, the Nightmare's ivory teeth sink deep into your arm, sending blood
    spurting everywhere.
    The Nightmare surges across the room in a fluid motion, his translucent form passing through your
    body much to your horror.
    Continually warping into terrifying forms to frighten those around it, is the Nightmare.
    The visage of a woman hovers just above the ground here, her body draped in a tattered dress. Long flowing black hair cascades behind her as she
    moves about in a constant state of turmoil. Her face is frozen in fear, her mouth gaping open wider than it should, her eyes are dropping and 
    melding with mouth, making it difficult to tell them apart. Her hands reach out, as if calling for affection and love, however, a single touch 
    could warp another's body in death.
    A howling ghost has an air of extreme strength.
    It weighs about 187 pounds.
    It is loyal to the Nightmare.
    You see nothing in it.
    <div>Message #2062&nbsp; Sent By: (imperian)&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Received On: 1/20/2018/2:59</div><div>"Antioch has filed a bounty against you. Reason: Raiding Antioch and stealing Bina, being a right</div><div>****, and not belonging anywhere near Antioch till he grows up."</div>
  • SarriusSarrius Member, Beta Testers Posts: 1,682 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Several bones in boneyard collapse into a bright haze as you begin summoning the blood wyrm.
    The haze begins to coalesce into a substantial red mist.
    The red mist suddenly turns black streaked with pulsing veins of red.
    Solidifying, the mist becomes soupy seeking out a shape to give it form.
    Flashes of the blood wyrm appear in the soupy mess.
    Flesh appears from the mess, as the plague begins to take shape.
    Appearing before you in the flesh, the blood wyrm stands here waiting.
    "wyrm124"                 the Blood Wyrm
    This rather grotesque beast is covered in a sanguine flesh, which, upon closer inspection reveals a
    thick layer of blood that bubbles out of pores along its body. Its eyes are non-existent, forcing 
    the creature to use its ears to find its prey. Thick onyx spikes protrude from the tip of its tail, 
    granting it a means of protection against its enemies, which matches the serrated teeth that line 
    its gaping maw. Onyx spikes line the back of this wyrm, each one dripping with blood.
    The Blood Wyrm almost glows with nearly god-like power.
    It weighs about 375 pounds.
    It is loyal to Sarrius.
    You see nothing in it.
    The Blood Wyrm lumbers forwards, catching Pellerin beneath his massive girth to crush the life from
    The Blood Wyrm sinks its teeth into Curran's flesh, releasing a vile parasite that wraps about her
    Slithering out of the room is the Blood Wyrm.
    Wiggling about the ground here is a red-eyed blood worm.
    This rather sickly looking beast is covered from head to tip in blood that
    spews forth from the pores that line its thin body. Spikes line its back, and tip its tail, allowing 
    it to fight off any enemies that come its way. Peering from the top of its head are bright red eyes 
    that almost seem to glisten from their place. Miniature serrated teeth line its small maw, each one 
    dripping with saliva.
    <div>Message #2062&nbsp; Sent By: (imperian)&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Received On: 1/20/2018/2:59</div><div>"Antioch has filed a bounty against you. Reason: Raiding Antioch and stealing Bina, being a right</div><div>****, and not belonging anywhere near Antioch till he grows up."</div>
  • SarriusSarrius Member, Beta Testers Posts: 1,682 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ten feet in height, the reaper is nothing more than a skeletal form. A strange black energy pulses around its body, perhaps the only thing keeping the bones together. Clasped within his bony hands is a long scythe, its blade sharpened and serrated, allowing him to rip flesh and muscle from his enemies bones with ease. A bright red eye peers from his left socket, while a yellow one glistens from the right. His teeth have been sharpened to a point, making his bite just as vicious as his weapon. The Reaper almost glows with nearly god-like power.

    The Reaper lifts his hand towards you and begins focusing his gaze on your soul.
    The reaper is targetting Sarrius.

    ^ -- If he looks at you too long, he cleaves you.. even if you walk out and come back in. Take turns leaving and coming back.

    This concludes volume 3 of Plagues. :(

    <div>Message #2062&nbsp; Sent By: (imperian)&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Received On: 1/20/2018/2:59</div><div>"Antioch has filed a bounty against you. Reason: Raiding Antioch and stealing Bina, being a right</div><div>****, and not belonging anywhere near Antioch till he grows up."</div>
  • SarriusSarrius Member, Beta Testers Posts: 1,682 ✭✭✭✭✭
    This burly man stands roughly ten feet in height, his body lined with bulging muscles. The only
    clothing he has on is a pair of ripped and tattered pants, clearly not meant for a man of his size. 
    His hairy arms are as thick as tree trunks, and his massive head the size of a great boulder. A 
    singluar eye rests in the centre of his head, just above his rotund nose and fat lips. Only a few 
    teeth protrude from his mouth, each one sharpened to a point, allowing him to rip his enemies to 
    shred with a single bite.
    The Cyclops almost glows with nearly god-like power.
    It weighs about 375 pounds.
    It is loyal to Sarrius.
    You see nothing in it.
    H:490 M:510 R:0 B:0 <eb db> 
    The Cyclops yells out, "I will kill you, puny one." As he stomps down upon your legs and arms,
    mangling your limbs with ease.
    You are afflicted with damaged left leg.
    You are afflicted with crippled left leg.
    You are afflicted with damaged right leg.
    You are afflicted with crippled right leg.
    You are afflicted with damaged left arm.
    You are afflicted with crippled left arm.
    You are afflicted with damaged right arm.
    You are afflicted with crippled right arm.
    You are afflicted with damaged head.
    You are afflicted with stupidity.
    You are afflicted with damaged torso.
    You are afflicted with sprained back.
    You are afflicted with mangled left leg.
    You are afflicted with mangled right leg.
    You are afflicted with mangled left arm.
    You are afflicted with mangled right arm.
    You are afflicted with concussion.
    You are afflicted with mangled torso.
    You are afflicted with broken back.
    [ACHIEVEMENT]: You have completed the 'Brittle Bones' Achievement! You have earned Double Experience
    for 6 Hours - see ACHIEVEMENT BONUS LIST.
    H:490 M:510 R:0 B:0 <eb db>
    This rather oddly shaped man is no more than seven feet tall. Rather than having a neck and a head,
    this creature's face is imbedded into his chest, forcing him to turn his whole body to take full 
    stock of the room. Willowy arms and legs protect the face if any danger comes to him, however, the 
    only clothing he is able to wear is a fine pair of pants that protect his legs. Etched into his 
    flesh along the back are several intricate designs, showing his alligence to the Cyclops.
    A headless blemmyes has an air of extreme strength.
    It weighs about 187 pounds.
    It is loyal to the Cyclops.
    You see nothing in it.
    As well, within Cyclops area, the malus is -25% of maxMana.
    <div>Message #2062&nbsp; Sent By: (imperian)&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Received On: 1/20/2018/2:59</div><div>"Antioch has filed a bounty against you. Reason: Raiding Antioch and stealing Bina, being a right</div><div>****, and not belonging anywhere near Antioch till he grows up."</div>
  • EoghanEoghan Member, Immortal Posts: 1,073 mod
    By request from someone via message, Aesir's description

    He is shrouded completely in a multicoloured thundercloud which radiates and seethes with conflict and strife. The polychrome cloud twists and writhes with a dark black base amalgamated with a caliginous blue and tenebrous violets. Muffled peals of thunder emanate from the deepest recesses of the thundercloud, while occasional flares in the dark clouds indicate the presence of lightning. Nothing can be seen of the veiled figure hidden behind the cloud; the God of War does not often reveal Himself to mortals.

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    Didn't know this thread existed! I'm pretty pleased with my submissions to my sect's design contest:

    Edit: I think I misunderstood the thread but whatever. RARRR HUNGER!!!!

    short: a portable maw

    dropped: A tangled maw of sap, branches and bones sits here, its very structure disconcertingly ominous and harsh.

    examined: Ebony and birch tangle, branches upthrusting in jagged spines to form an ominous maw. Black and white twist together, fang-like, vines interwoven throughout the piece to create an image of a tooth-frilled gullet open wide. A thick bead of petrified sap coalesces the wild creation upright, twigs stabbing sharply from the sticky core in a harsh, handmade display. Redolent with sharp scents of pine, rosemary and camphor, at first glace the piece seems to be merely a simple homespun charm, but a deeper look draws the eye - beneath the crude creation, something primal and hungry lurks, ambient light glinting off amber like the simmering glint of a dragon's eye. Strips of cloth, ragged-ended from windblown prayers, adorn the branches, fluttering with each breeze in an oddly ominous rasp.

    holy symbol
    short: a hollow, skeletal branch

    dropped: A withered branch lies here, crooked and curved like a clawing, skeletal hand.

    examined: Long as a drayd's forearm, this gnarled relic bends in a withered curve, flaking bark clinging to the bare-boned branch in a desperate grasp. Desiccated leaves sprout from the end, clawing around a crystal of sap, patiently hardened by time and pressure into solid amber. Leather thongs twine around the base of the branch, wrapping over and under in a raised, braided grip, with delicate trinkets of amber, bone, and wood jangling beside soft curls of feathers. Echoing each sound, a single bead within the branch's core rolls around in a wild, lonely orbit, rattling hollowly with each movement.
  • KalynthariKalynthari Member Posts: 295 ✭✭✭
    Tyanna said:
    short: a portable maw

    dropped: A tangled maw of sap, branches and bones sits here, its very structure disconcertingly ominous and harsh.

    examined: Ebony and birch tangle, branches upthrusting in jagged spines to form an ominous maw. Black and white twist together, fang-like, vines interwoven throughout the piece to create an image of a tooth-frilled gullet open wide. A thick bead of petrified sap coalesces the wild creation upright, twigs stabbing sharply from the sticky core in a harsh, handmade display. Redolent with sharp scents of pine, rosemary and camphor, at first glace the piece seems to be merely a simple homespun charm, but a deeper look draws the eye - beneath the crude creation, something primal and hungry lurks, ambient light glinting off amber like the simmering glint of a dragon's eye. Strips of cloth, ragged-ended from windblown prayers, adorn the branches, fluttering with each breeze in an oddly ominous rasp.

    holy symbol
    short: a hollow, skeletal branch

    dropped: A withered branch lies here, crooked and curved like a clawing, skeletal hand.

    examined: Long as a drayd's forearm, this gnarled relic bends in a withered curve, flaking bark clinging to the bare-boned branch in a desperate grasp. Desiccated leaves sprout from the end, clawing around a crystal of sap, patiently hardened by time and pressure into solid amber. Leather thongs twine around the base of the branch, wrapping over and under in a raised, braided grip, with delicate trinkets of amber, bone, and wood jangling beside soft curls of feathers. Echoing each sound, a single bead within the branch's core rolls around in a wild, lonely orbit, rattling hollowly with each movement.
    tooth-filled, glance and dryad?
  • TyannaTyanna Member Posts: 42
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    Why is like every other post you make nipicking or tearing someone down? I was proud of my writing but your reply is to point out errors. That's really rude, dude.

    Also frilled was intentional, like a sarlac. Pardon me for having 2 typos on a bunk laptop. You can't delete posts as far as I can tell. I already edited to explain that I was confused about the thread. 
  • KalynthariKalynthari Member Posts: 295 ✭✭✭
    edited September 2018
    Not sure how it's rude to help people fix errors in their designs but all right. I wasn't tearing into your work; I think they look fine. I was simply pointing out errors so that you could fix them. Constructive criticism etc.
    Post edited by Kalynthari on
  • TyannaTyanna Member Posts: 42
    I've already submitted them and I didn't ask for editing. 
  • EoghanEoghan Member, Immortal Posts: 1,073 mod
    Let’s get back on topic please!
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