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Residence of Lord DeHayden.

CadeyrnCadeyrn Member Posts: 188 ✭✭✭
It's been a while since I skipped around this area as I am wont to do now and then.

I remember it either being non-functional or obtusely enough hinted at to explore the full area.


  • RowynnRowynn Member Posts: 29 ✭✭✭
    This quest was actually working for a time, and was able to be completed (it has a quest honors associated with the reward), but has been broken for awhile now. :( It's a shame, too, since it was actually pretty fun and interesting ..or I could just be a masochist!

    Every now and then I pop back over to see if it's fixed, only to make :( faces. If need be, I'd be willing to throw up some of the issues I encountered with it in my last attempts to run it.

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  • SvoraiSvorai Member, Moderator, Immortal Posts: 293 mod
    Please leave as much information as you can. What mobs aren't responding, what the quests are, etc. The more information the easier/faster we can help. Thank you.
  • RowynnRowynn Member Posts: 29 ✭✭✭
    This post might be a tad bit long, but I did try to fit in as many details about the known buggy parts as possible, without giving away everything involved in completing it. Now, for a little information on the actual questline...

    The quest involves helping the house butler (man93529) show the lord of the residence, Fraian DeHayden, that his three possible heirs are just out for his gold. It's split into three parts, with one designated for each heir. You have to expose Serena as a cheater, Conrad as a thief, and Horst as.. being a fraud who's suspected of cheating the betting system for the house fights.

    "fraian155872"            Fraian DeHayden
    "serena205207"            Serena Vinsiel
    "conrad201217"            Conrad Dehayden
    "dervin146380"            Dervin Gither
    "man93529"                the house butler

    These are the the 'important' NPC's that you can interact with and talk to - except for Serena (read below). I would list Horst as well, but he's in a locked room that you can't gain access to any longer.

    As far as I can tell, all of them (excluding Serena) are working as intended, atleast as far as responding when given items or GREETED/given a keyword, but I thought it might be good to list them up here for reference.

    Issue #1:

    Serena Vinsiel (serena205207) does not respond at all anymore - and her dialogue is completely missing when she is exposed to Fraian. It really just looks like he's talking to himself, which wasn't always the case. As I recall, she used to respond to being greeted, having items given to her, and both successful and failed attempts to expose her.

    Issue #2:

    This may be a case of me not remembering how this particular part goes, but I'm fairly certain you were supposed to give the diamond necklace (necklace151232) to Serena in order to trigger the part in implicating Conrad (conrad201217). Currently, she does nothing, and doesn't even return the necklace to you. 

    I've tried to likewise give the necklace to Fraian (fraian155872) and the butler (man93529), but neither will take it, and they both give it promptly back to you, which just leads me to believe that it was Serena who the necklace was originally supposed to be given to.

    Issue #3:

    "man23624"                a gardener

    This NPC is supposed to 'wander off' randomly (or maybe on a timer?) when you enter the room, leaving his ladder unattended and able to be picked up. The ladder can then be used to reach the roof of the house, where you are supposed to place a lid on/in the chimney. This in turn -is supposed to- (it didn't in my recent attempts) make smoke fill the room that Horst is in, which is integral to finishing his part of the questline.

    Issue #4:

    You can, quite literally, pick up the poor doorkeeper outside the mansion (doorkeeper57729) and his bodyguards (bodyguard65225/bodyguard65118).

    This doesn't really affect the questline itself, it was just something that I encountered while running through to the gather this information - I actually found it a little funny, but that's besides the point. I suppose it could spell trouble if someone were to be a griefer and take the doorkeeper, since he's your only way in if you haven't already completed this quest once before.

    Issue #5:

    The quest reward for this area gives you an option to register for the fighting Arena (called the League of Warriors in the qhonors). I haven't been able to access this area for some time now, so I don't know what all is bugged with it. Originally, once you registered, you could say LET ME IN to the bodyguard (bodyguard192571) in Room #7223 - 'A short hallway.' and he would let you into the arena. Right now, the only response I get is.. 

    You say, "Let me in."
    A bodyguard says, "The Arena is currently closed for maintenance, please come 
    back later."

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  • TaqjaTaqja Member, Immortal Posts: 83 mod
    We've taken care of Issue #4 rather reluctantly, as we all love to put mobs in our pocketses... :(
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  • SvoraiSvorai Member, Moderator, Immortal Posts: 293 mod
    I am looking for a lovely assistant that has never done this quest line before. Please message me in game if you wish to partake in the new quest. I already tortured @Rowynn enough, I need a new volunteer! 
  • SvoraiSvorai Member, Moderator, Immortal Posts: 293 mod
    Lord DeHayden -should- be just peachy. But if you run into problems let me know. For those who have already messaged me (Yes there has been a few) about people not wanting the necklace. That is not a bug. That's all I'll say :)
  • SvoraiSvorai Member, Moderator, Immortal Posts: 293 mod
    Ok, I apologize for the break between DeHayden and the Warrior League. But now that I am back from vacation I am going to look into it. If anyone here happens to know how the league worked, please PM me here or in game, and we can get together and look it over. It is kind of a mess on my side and I would like to know how it is suppose to work on the player side. Thank you!
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