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Ayriath's Keep

DiceneDicene Member Posts: 913 ✭✭✭✭
The quest in Ayriath's pretty broken. Not sure if we're supposed to avoid spoilers, so I'll try just in case. From what I understand, the corpse on the locked room in the graveyard is supposed to have an item on it that opens the laboratory area with the twisting masses and tongueless experiment I see on Scout. I was able to get to he corpse without any kind of hint from anyone, but the corpse is missing the key item, so the lab is off limits. You can still complete Rasha's quest by just skipping the foreplay and giving her a certain mob's corpse, but that isn't as fun as actually doing stuff.
I really do like the area so far, and I think the quest was in the right difficulty range. The special tombstone is a nice touch, and the invisible ghost that doesn't even show up on scout is also pretty cool. Would love to finish the quest and have everything tied together. I'm actually going to try and warp in next time change has five monoliths, cause it really wanna 100% the place and see what purpose Ayriath actually serves in the quest. I've got about a 1/5 chance of landing in the lab, if it's not somehow excluded from WARP.
Will post all relevant quest names, room numbers, and mob id's when I get off work. I'll also make discussions for Mavitt, Renfrewshire, Cetara, the battlefield with all the Demonic class quizzes, and the farm in Modin if they don't pop up before I get home.


  • DiceneDicene Member Posts: 913 ✭✭✭✭
    Spoiler alert!

    "rasha319263"             Rasha Dylarn
    "ayriath310424"           Lord Ayriath

    "statue175653"            a statue of pure, white marble
    "torch168025"             a wooden torch
    "corpse18488"             a muamrite corpse

    Before a wall with a statue(v22070) in Ayriath's Keep.

    A revenge of Rasha                 Ayriath's Keep

    The corpse is missing what is needed for the statue to open. Presumably a ribbon.
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