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Announce post #4147: July Promotions

7/1/2023 at 0:01
July Promotions

Hello Imperian!

We will be keeping it simple this month with a 30% price reduction on credit
purchases for August. If you have a membership, you get 10% more credits at the
discounted price! You can purchase credits as usual at:

Additionally, we will be running the spawnwave challenge! Gain credits for each
unique spawnwave you complete this month. The more spawnwaves you complete, the
more credits you can earn per spawnwave. You must deal the killing blow on at
least 30% of the mobs within a spawnwave for it to be considered completion.

Further details can be found in HELP SPAWNWAVE CHALLENGE.

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Naturalis, in the year 313 AM.
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