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Announce post #4145: Mortal Builders

6/4/2023 at 20:32
Mortal Builders

Hello, Imperian!

We have reached a point with regards to the org revamp, where we have enough of
a concrete plan to set it in motion. This involved a lot of brainstorming,
alongside combing through many old internal documents and helpfiles. However,
we believe this was important to move forward properly.

We are looking for mortal builders to help us bring this plan to fruition. This
involves designing areas, mobs, and items. Although we have a well established
overall plan, there is ample opportunities to add your own personal touches to
the project. We will also be open to your feedback throughout the process, in
order to tweak things accordingly.

Like staff, mortal builders must agree to IRE's volunteer agreement. However,
they are allowed to remain players while volunteering. Builder projects will
focus on description writing for now, and not writing progs. So there is no
coding experience required. We may delve into allowing prog writing in the
future, however.

If you are interested in helping us build the future of Aetherius, submit an
email to Please include:

- Your main character's name (which will be your builder character).

- A little bit about any writing experience you may have. If you have examples
to point us to, all the better!

We will be accepting applications for the rest of the June, and contact you
in-game if accepted.

There will be a simple tutorial process to ease builders into the commands and
process. So even if you've never built on a MUD, this is an excellent chance!

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Ferinus, in the year 311 AM.
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