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Announce post #4139: Great Hunt Results

5/1/2023 at 0:39
Great Hunt Results

Hello, Aetherius!

Here are the results of the Great Hunt (for the top 10)! As agreed during the
lackluster King of the Hill, the individual winner's circle will have access to
the Lunar Pylon(s) for 6 real life months.

Kinsarmar and Celidon can find their respective Pylons at their gates. See HELP
PYLON for details on how to use it.

Here are the final combined numbers for the top 10:

Bulwer 61627
Alvetta 44088
Aurola 26085
Drozogoth 24758
Sroath 19633
Sumie 19134
Naamah 18614
Arakis 13547
Kyleena 11569
Vrach 11478

Nice hunting!

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Halitus, in the year 308 AM.
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