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Announce post #4138: May Promotions

5/1/2023 at 0:13
May Promotions

Hello, Imperian!

For this month, we have Fragment Crates available for purchase on the website.
Additionally, if you login for a total of 21 days this month, you will receive
a crate!

Last, but not least, we are also running an auction, which includes a few new
items! There will be ten different items on auction, as follows:


For credits:

Morphing weapon 1
Morphing weapon 2
Morphing weapon 3
Master's Collar of Taming
Sunburst Glyph
Winged Token

a quicksilver trowel
- Allows the destruction of any type of walls.
- Ice and fire walls have no restrictions.
- Other wall types have a 2 mins cooldown.
- Allows the creation of any type of walls.
- Ice and fire walls have no restrictions.
- Other wall types have a 10 mins cooldown.
- Duration is doubled to 10 mins.
- Does NOT work on shardwalls.

a quicksilver teleportative containment rod
- When active, acts like a monolith in the owner's current location.

For gold:

Bracer of the Proficient (gold)
the Torc of the Inspired (gold)
4x 50cr Vouchers (gold)

a libram of transference (gold)
- Removes the cost of extracting powers from artifacts.

a form of discontentment (gold)
- Should you die to a denizen, this will kill the denizen as well. Does
not work on bosses, or crit-immune denizens. Works on true death only.

These items have been added to HELP AUCTION WARES. You can find details on how
the auction system works in HELP AUCTION. If you have any inquiries or concerns,
let me know!

** Note: As with previous auctions, you must have the amount of gold available
for your bid. This is not the case for credit items. The winners of credit
items will have up to three days to obtain the required amount of BOUND
credits. If this is not possible, the item will go to the next bidder.

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Halitus, in the year 308 AM.
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