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Announce post #4135: Promos? Classleads!

4/24/2023 at 0:00
Promos? Classleads!

Hello, Imperian!

A little announcement for the last week of the Celebration. See the second part
of the post for Classleads!

I was hoping to have a more substantial number of old/rare promotions enabled
for the last week of April. Unfortunately, most ideas I've received have been
part of the standard rotation of monthly promotions still. There's also old
ones that I found, which are best left unused.

We're primarily focusing on the org revamp and general day to day. However, I
am slowly working on things in the background to better organize all the
artifacts and promo items, so we have a much better picture as to what's
available and not. This would let us tweak promotions to be better, and perhaps
offer things that were lost in the depths of old code.

Since I did promise Ancestral Stones being sold by Christof, you can purchase
them from him until the end of the month. These are 200 credits for a specific
stone, or 100 credits for a random stone. GREET Christof inside the Celebration
tent (v32534) for details.

- S


We are also starting a round of classleads until the end of the month. This is
your chance to get things relating to general or profession skills looked into.
We also urge everyone (even those not submitting reports) to comment on
submitted reports. Your input is highly valued (and useful). Remember to keep
things civil!

*** Unlike previous rounds, comments and submissions are both enabled at the same
time! ***

As usual, you can submit up to (5) reports. Here are a few things to take into
account when submitting a report:

- Keep reports about specific skills rather than broad mechanics. It doesn't
have to be a single skill, but avoid broad "this whole skillset or mechanic
needs to be redone".

- Do submit reports about non-combat skills, if such skills have an effect on
game balance. For most quality of life things, however, an IDEA will suffice.

- Keep reports short and to the point. This helps us go through them more
quickly, and makes it easier for others to comment on.

- Reports should take your profession into account, but more importantly, the
overall game and inter-circle balance. Avoid reports asking for a change
simply because another profession has something yours does not. Reports should
consider how your proposed changes affect the balance of:

- Your profession overall. (Does it fit, and does it increase/decrease the
overall strength appropriately?)

- Synergy between your profession and those on your circle.

- The game overall.

Penned by my hand on the 15th of Letum, in the year 308 AM.
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