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Announce post #4134: Celebrations, continued.

4/17/2023 at 19:26
Celebrations, continued.

Hello Imperian!

We're a little over half way through our month of celebrations. We hope you've
enjoyed it thus far, but there's more to go until the end of the month!

This past weekend we had the two combat tournaments. The 1v1 which was won by
Aurola, and the team tournament, which was won by Alvetta and Drozogoth's team!
It was certainly a surprise to have so many people participate. We still have
another major combat event coming this Friday-Saturday, the King of the Hill!

Two things we would like to mention in this post:

1. We will open up classleads for submissions on April 23, until the end of the
month. This way any changes will not affect the events. So get those reports

2. Based on some inquiries in the past couple months, we're going to enable
some older, rarer promotions for the last week of April. If you remember any
that you'd like to see, message Skuf! We can't make any promises, however.

So far we'll have Christof selling Ancestral Stones directly for credits.
There's a few specific items we've been asked about previously, some of which
have disappeared from any promo's loot tables. Those will unfortunately have to
wait until we can focus on a proper audit of what's available and not
available. (Alongside restructuring promotion loot in general.)

Take care!

Penned by my hand on the 17th of Solis, in the year 307 AM.
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