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Announce post #4131: April Promotions

3/31/2023 at 23:56
April Promotions

Hello, Imperian!

First, this month's normal promotion is giftbags. Credit purchases on the
website will include giftbags as follows:

- Every 10 credits purchased will earn you a giftbag, for the first 100
credits. This is cummulative, so it will remember individual purchases
throughout the month. See CREDITSALE to keep track of those.

- Every 25 credits!

This means that the first 100 credits will earn you a total of 14 giftbags! See
HELP GIFTBAGS for possible prizes. As a reminder that you can combine five (5)
giftbags into celebratory to spread the joy or gold giftbags for potentially
better prizes.

As this month is the game's 20th year anniversary, there's a lot more in store.
There will be a way to obtain giftbags, alongside new prizes! Details will be
posted in the very next post.

Iron Lottery

There will be an Iron Lottery running the entire month. The drawing will be at
the very end of the month. Tickets CANNOT be purchased outside of the
Celebration shop (see next post). The prizes are as follows:

1. 750 bound credits
2. 500 bound credits
3. 250 bound credits
4. A stack of five (5) normal giftbags.

See HELP LOTTERY for details. Don't forget to exchange your physical tickets!

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Vita, in the year 306 AM.
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