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Announce post #4126: Typos - a new submission process.

1/21/2023 at 21:18
Typos - a new submission process.

Hello everyone,

We have just released a new TYPO system that is designed to be similar to the HELPEDIT system. The TYPO command will now allow you to edit and submit any typos you find for items, mobiles and rooms.

When you submit a typo you will now specify if it is for an ITEM, MOB or ROOM, and which description the typo is in. You'll then be taken to the editor where you can edit the description, and submit your typo.

A more thorough explanation is available in HELP TYPO. Any approved typos will grant a daily credit.

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Artificium, in the year 300 AM.
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