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Announce post #4124: End of 2022

12/28/2022 at 23:17
End of 2022

Hello Imperian!

Yet another year passes us by!

This year again wouldn't have been possible without the help of wonderful
volunteers: Valethar, Eryx, and Kiandre. We've also had the pleasure of
onboarding another coder, Qraarmac, a few months ago.

Along with a long list of bug fixes and general tweaks, this year we:

- Implemented an update to our exploration system so that every room is counted
(rather than only 1 in 3 previously).

- Added the TIMELINE system to help keep track of things that have happened.

- Iron Realms released the new version of our Nexus client.

- Added a system to help cities and guilds manage their credit sales.

- Saw the addition of the Hall of Heroes to celebrate our top rankers, as well
as the fighting pits attached to it.

For the next year, our focus will be on Imperian's 20th anniversary, condensing
and restructuring the game's organizations, and eventually reworking our
conflict mechanics. See Announce posts 4112 and 4113 for details.

We thank you for spending time here throughout the year, especially considering
the game's current state of things. Additionally, for the continued feedback
you have given us to improve Aetherius.

Have a safe and wonderful 2023!

- The Imperian team.

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Bellum, in the year 298 AM.
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