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Announce post #4113: Org Revamp Proposal Part 2

10/21/2022 at 23:50
Org Revamp Proposal Part 2

Hello Imperian!

First, I want to thank everyone that participated in the discussion on
consolidating organizations in the game. It really helped us reinforce and
alter some of our ideas, as well as bring to light certain aspects we had not
considered. This post is meant to summarize our observations and give a better
idea of the direction we've settled on.

As with everything discussed so far, the details are not set in stone, and are
subject to change as we move forward.

Here are some of our main takeaways:

- Deletion of existing cities is vastly unpopular. This does not surprise us at
all. Although it is by far the easiest to implement on our end, it destroys
too much of the game's and individual players' stories. We want to leave these
important places as part of Aetherius, and continue to build the overall story
on top, rather than starting fresh.

- We were somewhat surprised by the interest shown concerning NPCs running
organizations. Although, there were also some people on both extreme ends of
this. We have no intentions to completely remove player autonomy with politics.
However, allowing certain other parts of the game to be run by NPCs helps
address some issues with positions and politics.

As for our general direction, to reiterate:

- Consolidate the playerbase from cities as the game's primary organizations,
to factions encompassing the existing circles. These will be run by players
after some transition period.

- Reduce the significance of circles as a lore instrument. They will still be
there mechanically, and as an idea. However, the factions will take over to
encompass most of what circles do currently.

- Tweak and rebalance conflict mechanics to fit the new consolidated system.
This will also involve restructuring how cities and townes work.

We are also aware there are other parts which need addressing (i.e. guilds,
sects, etc...); however, those will come later down the road.

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Ferinus, in the year 293 AM.


  • So, as to not be negative, but really just looking at it realistically and in my pov, we're clearly and figuratively beating a dead horse. It would definitely make sense to consolidate a game that is virtually just dead. As was done with Khandava, the same can be done with one of the anti-magick cities and probably the same with Celidon, and that's -if- Celidon has remained unchanged in activity since I last actively played. I think it's great to get player input, but really something of this level pretty much reinforces my thinking of what the pbase prefers over something that is logical and proves to be beneficial for the health of a dead game that hasn't budged much at all since many gave up on it, or life has turned them in a different direction from here.
  • Also, I forgot to mention one more professional criticism or critique, in this case, it is best to gently override the opinions of the public that wants to keep things the way they are and make the proper change anyway.
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