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Announce post #4112: Org Revamp Proposal

10/5/2022 at 17:45
Org Revamp Proposal

Hello, Imperian!

There are a couple important things I would like to touch on in this post.

As most of you know, there are some glaring issues with multiple aspects of the
game. While we cannot change what has already been done, we can certainly work
to make the game better in the future. Our team of volunteers and myself have
spent a considerable amount of time brainstorming changes to the game's various
aspects. Mainly in relation to lore direction, and combat mechanics.

On top of the fact that one circle has one less city available, a common
roadblock we find ourselves against is how imbalanced our cities' populations
are. Having a smaller overall population already causes issues with the way
existing mechanics are implemented. Coming up with replacement mechanics or
tweaks to improve those is also difficult given this imbalance.

All this to say, we do have ideas to attempt to push the lore forward, and to
improve various mechanics in the game. Unfortunately, we need to overcome this
major hurdle first. We are proposing the following changes, which we would
appreciate your thoughts, and input on:

Step 1. How to handle existing cities.

A. Cities are destroyed.

B. Cities are now run by denizens. (See Step 2.)

Step 2. How the game's main organizations are condensed.

For both options (1.A) and (1.B), city functionality and mechanics now
become "faction" mechanics. "Factions" would be an expansion of existing
circles. Under Step (1.B), cities are under the control of the "factions".

"Factions" is just a temporary term to represent the consolidation of
cities into their respective circles.

Step 3. How things change following Step 2.

A. New cities are created. This mainly works only for (1.A).

B. New gathering areas are created (i.e. a Hall, a Fort, a Keep, etc...)
outside current cities.

Obviously, this purposely lacks a lot of details. If you don't see other
solutions presented, we have likely gone through it and decided against. That
said, we are aware this solution has its problems, but so do all the other
solutions. Please, feel free to discuss them regardless!

We want your feedback. There will be a an "org-revamp" channel on Discord, as
well as the post associated to this news article on the forums. You can also
simply send me (Skuf) a letter, a message, or even an email at

P.S. This is not the only change on the drawing board, and work won't stop on
other things while we address this. This includes possible implementation of
other tweaks, pokes and variations to current mechanics until they can be
properly revamped.

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Letum, in the year 292 AM.


  • Sorry to say, but this needs a -purge-, metagamers removed and a clear startup from the ground up rather than tweaks and pokes at a dead horse.
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