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Request for help in gathering some data (Mudlet)


Most of you probably know me better as "demonnic" from various Mudlet related places, as it's been a while since I was particular active in any game. But I've been around, in the background, fiddling with things.

Anyway, the Mudlet team has been working on some exciting new features, but in the process realized: we have not done display performance benchmarking in ages. So we're working on that. But it also occurred to me that we should know what kind of spam and stress the Mudlet display is asked to deal with in the real world, so we have something to compare our performance benchmarks against, as otherwise we're just guessing if the numbers we get are any good or not.

Enter, the spamtabulator! When you turn it on, it counts the lines from the game until you turn it off, and then sends me how long it ran and how many lines it got in that time frame, and a couple other values calculated based on those two. 

If anyone is interested in helping, I made a Mudlet forum post with more information.

Thanks in advance!
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