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Announce post #4088: Exploration Update

3/6/2022 at 1:01
Exploration Update

Hello Aetherius!

I will be updating our exploration system shortly after this post goes up. You
will most likely notice changes to your explorer rank. This post explains the
what and why. I'm also fully aware this will suck for some people, sorry!

Currently, Imperian only tracks every third room for exploration purposes. This
system is really old, going back to early Achaea, and this was a way to save
space. However, every other games except Imperian and Lusternia have already
upgraded their system to track every room.

Due to upcoming Nexus features, we have to bring our system on par with the
other games. What this means:

- Everyone's rating goes down by two thirds (2/3).
(Rating is the percentage of all explorable rooms you've explored.)

- Everyone's explorer rank goes down proportionally.

- Exploration-related achievements remain the same. New players have to explore
just as many rooms as old players did to obtain the achievements. (Plus or
minus 2 rooms.)

- Existing players who had 100% in certain areas will unfortunately need to
revisit the area's rooms.

Additionally, because I'm sure someone will ask:

- Old, disconnected areas do not count for exploration.

- If you have 100% completion in an area on EXPLORED that is no longer
accessible, this doesn't count. The (different) system used by EXPLORED just
assumes that if you've ever visited at least a room in an inaccessible area,
you've seen it all.

As usual, please submit a BUG if you notice anything wrong.

- S

P.S. I've made a backup of everyone's exploration data in case this goes
horribly wrong.

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Ultio, in the year 274 AM.
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