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Announce post #4085: Approvers and Profession Help Files

2/28/2022 at 19:35
Approvers and Profession Help Files

Hello Imperian!

This post is a two-in-one. If you're into PK or particularly knowledgable about
one or more professions, see the latter half of the post!

We are once again looking for potential crafting approvers. Although we have a
few relatively active approvers currently, we think an additional one or two
wouldn't hurt. You do earn a little bit of credits, and given the volume of
submissions currently (it's very low), it's not going to be a lot of credits.
Although, we feel that if approval times can be sped up, it may invite more
players to submit designs.

You should be familiar with design rules and the crafting process. Send a
message to Skuf if you are interested. If you have no designs on that
character, tell me which character they are on. We can also discuss things if
you don't have many designs on Imperian!


We are also looking to improve the quality of profession help files, as
currently various professions are missing some details. If you are familiar
with one or more professions and would like to help, please send Skuf a
message. Credits will be awarded.

Although we could do it ourselves, we feel this can be written better by
individuals who know a profession than just rummaging through the code.

- Your message should include every profession you wish to help fix/rewrite the
help files for.
- Next week, I will assign specific professions for you to work on (only
professions you've expressed interest).
- If multiple people request the same profession, I will prioritize players who
use the profession more often.
- You can get help from other players, but it'll be up to you to transfer parts
of the credits you get at the end, if you want.

What are we looking for?

For HELP <profession> files:

- Standardize the look of each files (See HELP PROFESSION TEMPLATE).
- Reduce individual skillset blurbs to one/two-liners so it's more of a quick
- Basic information (armour, stats, statpacks, balances) is still accurate.
- *** Combat focus is accurate (and existing). THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART.
- Lists of artifacts are replaced with HELP <prof> ARTIFACTS. Feel free to let
me know if those (dynamic) files are missing artifacts.
- See also section can contain other lore files that are specifically related
to a profession (e.g. HELP INQUISITION in HELP MONK).

For each HELP <skillset> files for that profession:

- Somewhat optional: One paragraph containing lore-based information on a
skillset. Some files have this, some don't. If you are knowledgeable about
that profession's lore, feel free to write it!
- Move from HELP <prof>/rewrite/check for accuracy a paragraph that goes into a
bit more details on what the skillset provides.
- A reference to the profession's main help file.

Rewards will be 25 credits per profession file, and 5 credits for each skillset

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Solis, in the year 274 AM.
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