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Classlead Changes of March 2013

CaelyaCaelya Member Posts: 383 ✭✭✭✭
This thread will simply be an archive of the approved classlead changes for the March 2013 round for future reference. Enjoy.

- Terrify (third Terror Aspect power) reworked
- Terror Immunity (first Sukhder aspect power) now also has a 40% chance to prevent movement caused by fear or phobias
- Aryana aspect third power is now called Clearsight and gives whitesight (see in blizzards) and keeneye (see hidden exits)
- Targetted Inhume (terror aspects) now prevents all resurrections while it's active; additionally, the effect now works even if the killer is not a terror aspect (but it has to be a player)

- Courage now also allows you to specify the fleeing threshold for the animals
- Pummel now does heavy limb damage instead of breaking a limb right away
- Swoop is now delayed by 5 seconds

- Quickshot no longer has reduced accuracy
- Hookshot can now automatically use the barbed arrow and takes the rope from your rift if needed, see the ab help for details

- The lance is now returned to its owner after writhed from, if he's still in the room
- Thrust now does higher damage against mobiles
- Knights can now change their chosen proficiency every game year

- Blackthorn treant shred now also gives addiction
- Harrow now gives disruption instead of amnesia, and the attack is no longer comboable
- Added a few trainable skills to treants
- Implantation time is now based on target's remaining health
- Trip damage is now affected by target's health - targets with lower remaining health (in percentage of maxhealth) will get hit harder
- Rigidity now gives the affliction again after a 3s delay if the target was under 75% health when the attack was used

- Lastrites equilibrium cost removed
- Truth now only affects its owner's enemies
- Bracing now tells you if the target is already braced
- Absolution no longer removes undeath
- Flare now has a 2-second per-target cooldown; hiting the cooldown still costs equilibrium, but doesn't consume the rite
- Penance and hellsight no longer deliver afflictions that the target already has
- Added a Celerity blessing to Devotion, removed Willpower and Endurance ones
- Devotion users can now use CONSECRATION REMOVE to remove a consecration and get a portion of the devotion back
- The Cleric/Templar attack messages have been updated, they should no longer reference the Gods
- PERFORM RITES ALL now has an optional fourth parameter - PERFORM RITES ALL WARDING uses Warding instead of Piety
- New ability: Pause; also fixed a bunch of various oddities with rites - this required substantial changes to the rite code, so there may be bugs
- Converging Devotion rites automatically unpauses them

- Being protected by a disruptor fork (Engineering research) now shows in the defences list
- Cannons can now be disassembled and reassembled; this requires a forge. Guards can do this too if you give them a kit (same as with other siege types), the guard likewise needs to be at a forge.
- You can now fashion siege weapons directly into kits - FASHION <item> KIT or FASHION <item> <design ID> KIT

- Balance loss caused by Throw reduced
- Wisps now have proper attack messages
- Imbue/Feather will properly wear off if the staff is in a container

- Contemplation added
- Sap is now blocked by paralysis and writhing afflictions
- Seraphs can now be interacted with in all the usual ways, except that they cannot be attacked and are immune to intimidate

- Fitness has a room message now
- Profession pets (falcons, cobras, etc) are now trained much faster than regular ones - the cooldown between sessions remains, but the pet learns more during each
- The 'tripping hard' and 'having a bad trip' effects have been removed. 
- Bleeding can now be added to custom prompts using the *B token (not to be confused with *b, which is balance)
- Mounted pet seek/track now leads to the room where the target was when the attempt was initiated. It also displays a notice.
- The peace affliction is no longer cured when attacked; instead, it now has a short immunity similar to the paralysis one
- Messages shown when a weapon/shield attack fails because of a broken/paralysed/... arm have been standardised and show the reason more accurately
- Devotion, sanguis, essence, and haze now regenerate even if you aren't using the corresponding profession, as long as you have one
- When drinking health or mana, the addiction affliction now causes you to attempt to heal the one with higher percentage remaining
- Default autocuring priority of addiction adjusted accordingly - note that the affliction may see further changes if it proves too powerful in the hands of Outriders
- Curing balances, arm balances, bleeding, and some profession-specific resources added to GMCP vitals - note that to avoid sending too much info, most balances are only sent if you do NOT have them; like other health info, bleeding is sent in raw values, not divided by 11
- Weapon damage added to PROBE, in addition to WEAPONPROBE
- Having affinity under 100% now reduces the toadstool effectiveness (used to be an endurance/willpower penalty)
- Autocuring now supports configurable priorities for most defences; elixir-based ones are omitted, as they are on separate/no balances

- Smash no longer prones
- New ability: Mask
- Snare, Noose and Horseshoe traps now only fire if their owner is in the same or adjacent room

- Time for double suggesting increased a bit
- Hypochondria is now cured by mandrake instead of kelp

- Fanatism loss is now reset when your chosen target performs an aggressive action upon you; this only resets the timeout up to a maximum of 2 seconds, however, not back to 7 seconds
- New ability: Prepare

- Crescentcut damage bonuses have been adjusted - most were increased, those not available to the profession were reduced, and the cap was increased
- Tidalslash charges are now also shown as percentages when the sitara is weaponprobed
- Added Butterfly, Freefall, Pindown, Mindnumb, and Pheromones to the Knifeplay Combo ability

- Summoning an ouroboros no longer costs full mana
- Contemplation added
- Sap is now blocked by paralysis and writhing afflictions
- The fiend now strips target's rebounding aura if it's active, instead of its usual effect
- Hunt has been reworked, see the ab help for details; artifact daeggers have a shorter cooldown by 0.5s per level
- Ourobori are now customisable - the customisation persists between summonings and deaths of the demon

- Deathaura no longer gives afflictions that the target already has
- Essence cost of sacrifice self reduced
- Soulstorm reworked
- Undeath now shows in score and room player description (The undead form of ...) even if not using a Necromancy class - it has no actual benefits in this case

- Simulacrum now resists 10 times more damage from mobs before falling apart; damage from players remains unchanged

- New ability: Traps

- Grove Return no longer causes following ents and mounts to be lost

- Pindown can now only be used as an opening attack in a combo, and its damage on success has been increased
- New sitara-only toxin: Lartosis
- Poison and Hollowing removed

- Jera now gives +int instead of +str if its owner has the Wytch profession active
- Flaring tablet runes now only requires one functioning arm
- A message if now provided when a flared Sowulu is blocked by deafness

- Snare traps now only fire if their owner is in the same or adjacent room

- Saps show a room message upon ending
- Haze containers now don't decay while they contain haze -and- are being worn
- Saps had their equilibrium cost reduced
- Auguries can now be used off-balance, with an 8-second cooldown before off-balance use becomes possible again

- Burning marks can now be replaced with others
- Choke can now be used along a curse if the target is branded with the Cadmus mark

- Sting messages shown to the user now include the type for easier tracking
- Bloodpoison no longer stacks across multiple attackers - if you are hit with Bloodpoison while already having the affliction from another player, the existing affliction is replaced by the new one at the lowest strength

- Dwarves now smith items with slightly longer decay time instead of higher-quality ones; the old dwarven bonus has been added to all smiths at a halved value
- Mirroring (Templar Smithing) chance to fire is now based on the affliction count on the target, with the existing probability used for 0 afflictions and going higher from there. If the Templar has no afflictions and the target has 3 or more when the effect fires, Mirroring will hit with the Justice affliction

- Brainmelt now requires both balance and equilibrium
- Instability now checks every 20 seconds if you're still with the attacker; the affliction is cleared if not

- Tumble and most other forms of delayed movement are now stopped immediately by falling asleep; the STOP command also stops them
- Satiation now blocks drinking of non-curative liquids
- Bandages have been added into Survival, and their ab help clarified

- Those without Crystalism can now train pets in the Oysters skill

- Tarot cards no longer need to be charged - Charging and Supercharge removed from Tarot
- Inscribing is likewise removed from Tarot; OUTD <type> now automatically puts the chosen image on a blank card if you don't have any of that type
- Flinging Tarot cards now works with blank cards from the deck - obviously Hermit and Death will not work very well like this
- Flinging Tarot cards through the doppleganger now uses cards in your inventory / decks and works with blanks as well

- After a Starburst tattoo resurrects you, there is now a 30 second delay before the defence can be activated again

- Mana drain of Mind Crush reduced
- Mind Scythe reworked
- Mind Command now requires balance

- Reduced equilibrium cost of defensive songs

- Thornroot has received significant modifications: see its ab help, as well as ones for Entropy and Thornfire, for details

- Encampment got an optional syntax to create a canopy-like effect similar to what a campground does; other campground benefits are not provided

- Nuarinyu now has a room message

- Flintlight no longer damages the weapon when activated
- Restoration leg breaks now allow Bashimpale

- Bloodfreeze damage formula has been reworked to scale differently, and it reduces more of target's bleeding when used
- Stab damage against mobs increased slightly
- Icewyrms are now more resistant to Intimidate, depending on their owner's Wyrmriding skill



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