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Announce post #4083: Rings, OOC, and IC?

2/19/2022 at 18:14
Rings, OOC, and IC?

HELP OOC has been updated to be more specific, and less confusing when it comes
to issues. This is NOT retroactive, nor does it apply to existing issues.

The facts are that aside from the newbie channel and admin interactions, all
channels on Imperian have always been considered in-character. This is what I
have been told by previous admins, volunteers and many players alike. It is
what was written in HELP OOC.

However, the same helpfile does mention that participants in a channel have
some say in whether it is IC or OOC. This leads to confusion and occasionally
frivolous issues, which this change hopes to resolve.

We will be considering rings specifically as OOC from now on. This means
anything discussed in rings should NOT be the basis for any of your characters'

Clans are still at the discretion of its members. However, one thing must be
clear: a clan must be either IC or OOC, never both. Once a clan is considered
OOC, it should stay as such unless appropriate actions are taken when reusing a

In short:
- ALL channels are considered IC by default.
- Admin interactions are ALWAYS OOC (issues, bugs, ...).
- This includes crafters, and any other mortal helpers' channels.
- Newbie is OOC.
- Rings are OOC.
- Clans may be either, but it must be clear and cannot be changed on a whim.

Penned by my hand on the 20th of Bellum, in the year 273 AM.
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