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Announce post #4082: February Promotions

2/1/2022 at 0:17
February Promotions

Hello Imperian!

This month, you will find lesson packages on the website! These are a better
deal than buying credits and converting into lessons directly. Those of you
with an active Iron Membership will also receive 10% extra with each purchase!

Additionally, every weekend (starting and ending at midnight server time, GMT)
if you squish (bash) poor defenseless butterflies, they have a small chance to
drop a love arrow! See HELP ARROWS for how those work. As part of this, ALL
mobs have a chance to drop butterfly bombs, which explode into a multitude of

Don't eat too much chocolate this month!

- S

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Fas, in the year 272 AM.
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