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Announce post #4080: 2021 and Beyond

12/29/2021 at 20:41
2021 and Beyond

Hello Imperian!

Another year passes! A few months from now will mark my second year on
Aetherius. Time sure flies!

However, the vast majority of this wouldn't happen without our wonderful team
of volunteers. Kiandre and Valethar have been with me since last year, and are
instrumental with the work they have done for the game. Early this year, Eryx
joined us and put in a lot of work on various projects, especially relating to

Amongst a myriad of changes and fixes, this year brought:

- Major lag busting and memory usage cleanups with the code throughout the
year. Part of this included an overhaul of how fishing works.

- Changes to the election system to avoid a cityleader having nearly all the
power. See CHANGELOG 79.

- Removal of the Tome of the Unborn, which unfortunately was rarely used for
its intended purpose. See ANNOUNCE 4040.

- Introduced Torran, the Reveler to Aetherius to help keep random events more
in-character, instead of having admins and volunteers breaking the immersion
so-to-speak. See ANNOUNCE 4049 and EVENTS 323.

- Released two new areas, one being a spawnwave. See ANNOUNCE 4055 and 4056, as
well as EVENTS 324.

- Integrated the game with Discord...which still needs some work. See ANNOUNCE

- Spruced up the Papercrafting tradeskill with some new craftable items! See

For next year, we are looking into new mechanics and revamping old ones to make
the game more accessible to everyone. We have a lot projects still in the
planning phase, as we want things to be properly and thoughtfully implemented.
The recent survey will be incredibly useful for us to organize our priorities
and resources, so thank you for your input!

- The Imperian team.

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Artificium, in the year 269 AM.
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