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Need to Make Experience Of Returning Players Easier

For a game that needs players, it's crazy to me how hostile Imperian is to old players coming back. Especially those who have been out years ago.

For context, I started playing Imperian when it got, when Ithaqua was not even yet a village.  I played for several years across all IRE games, and just got back now after maybe 7 years of not touching muds at all. I restarted my characters in Aetolia and Imperian. The experience couldn't be farther from each other.

In Aetolia, between welcomeback and Sunder, I'm back to bashing in 30mins.

In Imperian, I don't even have a health vial, and I had to remember how to vermin because I didn't have gold. 

In both instances, I never talked to anyone.

Key thoughts:
  1. Need a WelcomeBack Type of Package - Fairly explainatory. If I wake up after 2 RL years of not playing, I should be incentivized to play again when I log in. Right now, we're disincentivizing returns by putting a fairly steep cognitive load and time barrier to get back into playing normally.
  2. Need a better way to bash - Imperian is fairly complex. In Aetolia, I got started bashing again regularly because of Sunder. In Imperian, I have to type in all my commands and figure out Mudlet again to code all my triggers/scripts etc. Very tedious. It was a great way to spend time 12 years ago, but now though, I don't want to spend 3 hours working on a system only to play for 30mins.
That's all I can think of right now.

I really liked this game and I want to play it again. Stop making it hard to do so.


  • And why is Iron Elite bought in other games not applicable in Imperian? It doesn't make sense if you want to get more players.
  • Aside from that, the metagaming is putting me off in even attempting to play without starting from scratch. So, I dunno how the management of this game will suit me to retain.
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