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Announce post #4070: Drinking Games, Statues, and Pumpkin Fun

11/4/2021 at 22:09
Drinking Games, Statues, and Pumpkin Fun

Hello Imperian!

We've got a few things left to finish up last month's festivities!

First, in case you missed it, Zeidan was the winner of Torran's first ever
drinking contest. Thanks to everyone who participated! We'll be able to tweak
and explain things so they're better next time.

If you head to the Bantam Barroom in Caanae (v27870), you will now find a
leaderboard with the scores from the drinking contest. Along with this
leaderboard, the top three contestants are immortalized as statues (until the
next time, that is!)

This is a small new feature which we are making available to cities' and
council's Culture ministries. Please have your city or council leader message
me (Skuf) with an appropriate room within your organization. This room will
grant access to the LEADERBOARD command, as well as display statues of the top
three players at the time.

Although it's a small thing, we hope it may be useful for organizing city or
council events.

As part of this, we are looking to build a small 'Hall of Champions' building
to house leaderboards and statues for rankings and future events. If you are
interested, please message me. Credits will be rewarded, though, depending on
how many people show interest, we may split up the work. More details will be
provided after we discuss!


Second, we have the results of last month's pumpkin festivities. Say hello to
the first Sovereign of the Night, Vrach! Here are the full results:

Name Points
------------------- ------
Vrach 727
Harna 582
Lilivayn 579
Kiann 463
Chani 153
Ageranu 122
Zenikadryn 69
Robynn 48
Tyranas 39
Victor 36
Zethrie 35
Kanis 34
Alvetta 32
Curran 32
Aviya 29

- S

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Fas, in the year 265 AM.
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