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Announce post #4069: November Promotions

11/1/2021 at 0:02
November Promotions

Hello Imperian!

This month, giftbags will be available with credit purchases (as described
below). Additionally, anyone who logs in for 20 days this month will receive a
free giftbag!

You will also find lesson packages on the website!

There will also be a Great Hunt beginning on Saturday, November 20th (server
time), which is Friday, November 19th, at 7:00 PM EST. The hunt will last for
48 hours, and also includes double experience!

The top ten winners receive credits and everyone who gets at least 100 points
gets a credit! See HELP GREATHUNT for details.

There are three types of giftbags; Normal, Celebratory, and Gold.

For every 25 credits purchased your character will receive one normal giftbag. In addition, your
character will also receive one giftbag for every 10 credits purchased for your first 100 credits
purchased. That means you will get 14 giftbags for your first 100 credit purchase. After the first
100 credits, you will only earn one giftbag for ever 25 credits purchased.

Normal giftbags come with an arrangment of prizes ranging in value from 10 to 50 credits. This
includes some bound and unbound credit possibilities.

You may now combine 5 normal giftbags into a celebratory giftbag OR one gold giftbag.

When you open a celebratory giftbag, up to 10 other people in the room will also get a giftbag.
Please remember, celebratory giftbags use the same prize table as the normal giftbags.

Gold giftbags only award the person opening the giftbag, but have a wider range of prizes with a
value ranging from 100 to 1000 credits.

PROMO EXCHANGE GIFTBAG <celebratory|gold>
Use this command to combine five normal giftbags into a celebratory or gold giftbag.

Open the giftbag and get your prize!

Normal Giftbag Prize List
10 to 50 Credits (Bound and Unbound)
a spirit beacon
a doomworm
a mentor's scroll
a reciprocating translocator
a plague rat
a ragged coin purse
a signed contract
a crystal cylinder
a bag of wiggling maggots
a cracked bottle
a rusty syringe
a green capsule

Gold Giftbag Prize List
100 to 1000 Credits (Bound and Unbound)
a blood pendant
a Golden Lyre of Shallah
a Truesilver Ring
a Scholar's Sash
Pixies' Boots
a pair of Ogre's Gauntlets
a pair of Orphanim Angel wings
a Diadem of the Quickening
a clay flowerpot
a fire pendant
a liturgical symbol
a silver flintlock
a glittering ring of vitality
a silver ring of meditation
Gloves of Harvesting
a set of silver bracelets
a gem of cloaking
a hunter's belt
a ring of flying
a worn scratchpad
a divination crystal
a fish charm
a miniature coliseum
a historical document
a glass cutting tool
an accountant's book
a beast master's whip

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Ultio, in the year 264 AM.
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