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Announce post #4068: Drunken Scavengers

10/23/2021 at 4:59
Drunken Scavengers

Hello Imperian!

First, a reminder that Torran will be organizing the drinking contest at the
Bantam Barroom, in Caanae (v27870). This will take place an hour before day
change on October 31st.

The winner will receive a crate of their choice and fame! Everyone who
participates will receive a free wondrous bottle to take home, along with
participation honors.

To end the month, we will be organizing three scavenger hunts on the 28th, 29th
and 30th, along with a horror hunt on the 30th. For simplicity, here is the

Event | Date (EST) | Date (UTC) | Day-change Offset
Scavenger Hunt #1 | Oct 28, 19:00 EST | Oct 28, 23:00 UTC | -1 hour
Scavenger Hunt #2 | Oct 29, 20:00 EST | Oct 30, 00:00 UTC | 0 hours
Scavenger Hunt #3 | Oct 30, 21:00 EST | Oct 31, 01:00 UTC | +1 hour
Drinking Contest | Oct 31, 19:00 EST | Oct 31, 23:00 UTC | -1 hour

The winners of the scavenger hunts will receive a crate of their choice, and a
random participant will receive Torran's truefavour.

See you there!

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Fas, in the year 264 AM.
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