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Announce post #4066: Pumpkins and Reskins

10/3/2021 at 22:16
Pumpkins and Reskins

A little behind of schedule, but we have more things for this month!

The festival area inside an enormous pumpkin is back! This time, even mapped!
You can find various games to play and wares to purchase. If you're interested
in the games, seek out Garth at the entrance.

One difference from the last time this festival was around: there will be only
a single winner. Instead of a King and Queen, the winner will become Sovereign
of the Night. (This is mainly bragging rights, however.) Additionally, the
winner will receive the crown of the Pumpkin King, which is a new, unique
artifact crown (as in HELP ASSEMBLY). The winner will be selected on the 31st
of October.

You can find the entrance to the enormous pumpkin at v29329 on the Living


Thanks mainly to Eryx, we also have a handful of new Halloween-themed artifact
skins. You can see those in ARTIFACT RESKIN HALLOWEEN.

For the rest of October, you will also be able to DOUBLOON BUY WRIT for 20
doubloons. This gives you a reskin writ, which you can use to purchase any
artifact reskins.

- S

Penned by my hand on the 16th of Artificium, in the year 262 AM.
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