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Announce post #4064: Design updates

10/2/2021 at 9:28
Alend, the Crafter
Design updates

Hello everyone! This one's for the crafters, and it's a little bit of a big deal.

We have added DESIGN # SET ALIAS <alias> to your repertoire of design skills. This allows you to set the correct alias (as in, the name you see on II/IH or WARES like: "candy1234") from the list of allowed aliases for that pattern. PATTERN # [SHOW] should show you the available aliases on each pattern. This makes it even more important that you use the correct pattern and ensure that the best word is obvious as the main noun of the appearance.

In the spirit of this, I have added a lollipop pattern to start sorting through the mass of aliases used under the "candy" pattern, and have reassigned a handful of designs to the new pattern for those, and set the aliases on some others. If you wish an existing design to have the alias changed, please send a message to Alend with the design number and the appropriate alias. If you notice anything strange, let me know.

I will be accepting design suggestions for new patterns for the month of October. If you do send a suggestion, please be careful to ensure that the timeframe of the item is relevant (very few 19th/20th century items will be acceptable). I make no promises of accepting all suggestions, but I will definitely consider everything you send in.

I will also be accepting applications for mortal design approvers. You must have a firm grasp on English, the ability to proofread thoroughly, and be able to maintain a calm and polite demeanour when handling the design queue. Be aware that there are credit rewards for consistent handling of the queue. If you wish to apply, send a message to Alend with the numbers of five approved designs of your own (preferably designs by the character you wish to be an approver on).

- Alend

Penned by my hand on the 4th of Halitus, in the year 262 AM.
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