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Announce post #4059: Knight Classleads

8/25/2021 at 1:28
Knight Classleads

The Knight classlead round has now ended. The following changes have been made:

[1123]: If the Mirroring enhancement would reapply an already existing affliction, it will instead deal damage and return a small amount of Devotion to the caster.
[1131]: Increased the damage of the Lightning enhancement to ~5% max hp + 1% max hp per affliction. (This increases damage from ~7% at 4 afflictions before the change, to ~9% max hp after)

[1126]: The Devotion cost of Crusade will now be taken when you use the command, rather than split between the command and your next attack.

[1134]: Added a 3 second cooldown to Chill.
[1136]: Leprosy is now a defence that drains essence while it is active. It still retains its other effects.
[1137]: You can now also use the syntax EVOKE SOULSPEAR. This will give you a defence that causes you to generate a soulspear the next time another player dies in your room.
- Only one soulspear can be generated from a death.
- This will consume the person's corpse.
- There is a 5 minute cooldown before you can reapply the defence after making a soulspear in this way.
- You can still make soulspears normally during this period.

[1127]: Runelore runes have been split into "Offensive" and "Utility" runes. The limit of runes in a room has been increased to 2 Offensive runes and 2 Utility runes.
Offensive runes: Eihwaz, Fehu, Hugalaz, Inguz, Kena, Loshre, Mannaz, Nairat, Nauthiz, Pithakhan, Sleizak, Sowulu and Wunjo.
Utility Runes: Ansuz, Gular, Lagua, Lagul, Laguz, Raido, Uruz.
- Updated AB RUNELORE to reflect rune types.
[1128]: While you have the effect of a flare Mannaz rune, sketching runes off balance will not take extra equilibrium.
[1133]: Players will have a 4 second immunity to the Inguz flare after being hit.

[1124]: If your weapon has the 'Infusion' property, enhancement cooldowns will be reduced by 25%, rather than 1 second. (See AB SMITHING SMITH for more information about Infusion).
[1125]: Scimitars will now do ~1/2 limb damage if the attack is parried, rather than ignoring parry entirely.
[1132]: When you use COMBO RAZE SLASH (or RSL) and are only wielding a sabre, the combo will use the Raze balance time, instead of Slash.
[1139]: You can now append ENHANCE <enhance> LEFT|RIGHT to the __END__ your weaponmastery combos.
- This will cleanse the weapon and then apply the enhancements.
- You can do this up to twice per weapon, or three times for a single weapon.

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Solis, in the year 259 AM.
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