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Announce post #4057: August Promotions

8/1/2021 at 0:03
August Promotions

Hello Imperian!

The Wheel of Fortune is back for the month of August! You'll find there's a ton
of ways to spin the wheel:

- Once per day, after an hour of play time, you can spin the wheel for free.
This rewards from the 'Credits Purchased and Free Daily Spins' list in HELP

- Purchasing credits on the website will reward you with a free spin for each
100 credits purchased.

- You can also purchase spins directly from the website. These will reward
bigger and better things based on the 'Website Spin Prizes' list in HELP

Additionally, there will be random encounters with vicious giant mushrooms,
which when killed will reward you with doubloons. The encounters have been
tweaked to reset daily, giving you a much better chance to receive one.
Typically, the chances go down by 50% each time, for the entire month.

The maximum amount of daily doubloons will also be increased to 12 this month,
not counting the 3 which can be bought from Jane.

Lastly, if any of you has ideas or feedbacks relating to artifacts (new or
existing), promo items, or overall game systems which could use some love,
please send a message! Especially looking for ideas or perhaps mechanics in the
game which seem a bit lackluster! Do note this is not a promise they will be
implemented, but I will appreciate your feedback greatly.

- S

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Halitus, in the year 257 AM.
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