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GMCP with Imperian/Mudlet

I was messing with display(gmcp) earlier and seen something interesting..

if you do, GMCP.Char.Vitals, it shows...

Vitals = {
    string = "H:2784/2784 M:1978/2136 NL:5/100 ",
    eq = "1",
    maxhp = "2784",
    hp = "2784",
    nl = "5",
    maxmp = "2136",
    bal = "1",
    fire = "30",
    mp = "1978",
    ice = "30"

but my prompt only shows ..  / H:253 M:179 <eb>  ... I'm using the basic prompt so my question is, IS my health 253 OR 2784?

also, what other GMCP stuff besides Bal and EQ can you track? can you track prone/herb bal/applying bal etc etc?


  • In most of the calculations we perform, your health is the larger number (2784, in this example.) The other IRE games use this "raw" number. For player consumption, we divide that raw health number by 11, giving you the smaller amount, for the purpose of having a cleaner, easier-to-comprehend number.
  • that's well confusing but I think I get it..

    does the game show any other stuff like prone etc through gmcp? or just whats above in vitals?
  • Sorry for the double post but my edit button isnt working..

    Im asking becuase Im about to write a curing system as im completely new at the game and just wondering would it be easier to use GMCP for this (like I do in another mud i use) OR I'd have to get every line.....
  • Most balances are in GMCP now, yes. CONFIG AFFMESSAGES ON should help a lot with the message collecting.
  • edited April 2013
    happen to know the gmcp for it? i cant seem to find them?

    oh just done some testing, does it only show salve = "0" health = "0" when OFF them balances?...

    Anyone know why it doesn't show when its on balance?
  • To reduce the amount of data sent.
  • ah, so happen to know what all the gmcp stuff are? like for health/salve/eating/and what ever else you gt to track/it trakcs??
  • Jimery said:
    ah, so happen to know what all the gmcp stuff are? like for health/salve/eating/and what ever else you gt to track/it trakcs??
    kind of a similar question but after ALOT of testing, Ive found out it does pipe/herb/alve/toadstool/haelth ... so main question.. Does it do TREE and FOCUS? like does Gmcp capture them? and anything else im missing?

    as im not 100% certain just what ALL the balances are in game as using autocuring at present so I never know what fires
  • autocuring reporting on will show you what commands autocuring sends.
  • aye, but im wondering what balances are in imperian? and which of them balances does GMCP capture?
  • Having been in combat, I'm going to assume that the things I've captured cover at least most of the things sent.

    hp=8030|maxhp=8030|mp=3734|maxmp=3740|nl=66|bal=1|eq=1|essence=10000|deaf=1|blind=1|string=H:8030/8030 M:3734/3740 NL:66/100 |salve=0|herb=0|pipe=0|bleed=17|health=0|purge=0|focus=0|prone=1|toadstool=0|stunned=1
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  • oh it captures stun/prone also.. thats good to know .. takes it away from having to capture them as a affliction..

    and from testing just now, gmcp doesn't capture tree in the gmcp.Char.Vitals stuff.. :/ ..

    thanks guys

  • In case you haven't seen it:

    A lot of good info in there. I don't know if Mudlet does the same as Cmud, but rather than clearing the balance variables when they're no longer being sent in gmcp, it keeps them as a 1 from past data. You have to either check the actual data received when it happens and set the balances to 0 when they're not being sent, or have triggers on the "You can smoke again" messages and manually change your balance variables like that. The latter solution being sloppy and not really the best way to do it IMO.
  • yeah I use it for the other mud I play but I was unsure as to what this mud recieves as of how it handles things..

    like it only shows its handling it when you're of that balance... and not knowning what this game balances are Its hard to test / find out what the gmcp is for it... I have the main stuff like herb/salve/pipe/health/toadstool... but unsure if it does focus/tree and any other stuff Imperian uses...
  • Just tested and didn't see a tree balance shown in Char.Vitals. IIRC, it's a steady 30 seconds without Recovery. 15 with. Focus does show on GMCP.
  • thank you ...
  • GMCP in Imperian does not pass tree balance.

    GMCP in Mudlet keeps the last table returned. Any values not in that table are cleared, rather than old values being kept. I wish CMUD did this.
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    the claims are stated - it's the world I've created 
  • If only CMUD did that. I imagine there's a super simple solution like tossing %gmcp.char.vitals = in my Char.Vitals trigger, but as easy as it is to completely break entire systems from things that seem super intuitive, I'll play around with that later.
  • I'm going to be completely honest... I looked at the gmcp-doc link... and was completely lost as to what was going on... I applied it to a trigger and was trying to look at it there... still got lost in what I was looking at... so if someone would be so kind as to help explain everything to me in a message here or IG it would be greatly appreciated.
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