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Events post #323: Torran, the Reveler

AutoposterAutoposter Member, Bot Posts: 15
5/26/2021 at 17:29
Torran, the Reveler

On the 2nd day of Tenebrae, 252 AM, a large explosion from the vicinity of the
Yhumara Islands shook the world. The aftermath was a small suitcase which
crashed upon Aryana's Spring, scorching the area.

While the first attendants deemed it wise to attack the suitcase, it soon became
clear that the case was not deadly on its own. The explosion drew Maurice, a
rogue entrepreneur as well as Tomast, the Cleric to the Spring. With their help,
and following the instructions on a mysterious note that accompanied the
appearance of the case, brave citizens of Aetherius took it upon themselves to
solve the riddle.

Without knowing what awaited at the end of their path, Kamamul, Mathiaus,
Ageranu, Kovalevskaya, and Nala were the amongst the first that tested their
hand. Joined by others as the challenges progressed, the trials tested the
mortals' mental capacities as well their knowledge of history and geography. The
clues led to the Cities and Councils of Aetherius, requiring handling of mysterious
items as well as employing different strategies to solve the riddles,
inescapably leading back to the Spring. Each trial solved granted a piece of

As the last item was placed into the suitcase, it shook violently, the Spring
filling with a golden mist. Moments later, this mist would coalesce into a
humanoid form: Torran, the Reveler. After some introductions and returning the
singed area to its original shape, Torran thanked the adventurers for freeing
him from his prison, promising festivities to come.

Penned by my hand on the 20th of Fas, in the year 252 AM.
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