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Announce post #4046: Newbie chests

5/3/2021 at 17:10
Newbie chests

Hello Imperian!

We've expanded an orgreq relating to newbie chests to be available to all
cities. These chests only allow those below level 21 to take things from them.

- Items placed inside will not decay.
- Items within containers placed inside will not decay.
- Things which always decay (shards not in pouches, bones, etc...) still decay.
- Ambassadors (and aides) may remove items from it.

Antioch already has this new chest. Other cities' city leaders should message
me (Skuf) with a room number of where they want their newbie chests. Some
colorful flavor text will be shown in the room to denote the chest.

If you wish to customize the chest, feel free to get someone to write it or
even organize a contest if you wish! The descriptions must follow standard
crafting rules. Please submit the appearance, dropped and examined messages to

- S

P.S. HELP SECONDS must still be followed with these chests.

Penned by my hand on the 18th of Naturalis, in the year 250 AM.


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