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Announce post #4042: Clarifications on Changelog 87

AutoposterAutoposter Member, Bot Posts: 39
4/11/2021 at 16:50
Clarifications on Changelog 87

Just to clarify where CHANGELOG 87 came from. I have removed a few public posts that broke some rules. I've also had to remove some meets post previously. As a reminder:

- Revealing alts is against the rules. Talking about 'alts' in an in-character context makes no sense.
- Public newsboards are in-character.
- Meets newsboards are out-of-character and ONLY for posts relating to players getting together outside the game in some way.

The registration and level requirements were added since using level 1, unregistered characters to take part in public conversations makes little sense.

- S

Penned by my hand on the 17th of Artificium, in the year 248 AM.
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