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Paying credits shouldnt be a solution to a balance problem.

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  • classlead 965 -- Approve, but disapprove. Escapes are good, hinders are good. We're going to try something different for this one. There is now a new single use inexpensive artifact (diachaim glue) that will disable the flip boots for a short period. We'll reconsider this further after we see how this works out.

As the title says we should not be bringing in more things that are pay to use.

The entire point of switching Imp to free to play was to allow people to build up without having to constantly pay in.

If a skill is deemed unbalanced then rebalance it. If a skill is deemed acceptable leave it as it is.

This half way house of giving solutions that require paying into with disposable credits is just not the right way to treat the game.

If flip boots are really a problem and you want a consumeable to stop them then make it an in game item with a cooldown not a pay to win feature.


  • I'm adding in the side note that people are already pissed off with how many pay in extras the game already has. Want to avoid detection you can pay for that. Want to turn off flip boots you can pay for that now, We already have people leaving the game due to stupid pay for temp artifacts. Stop adding more in. No one has asked for them. None of the solutions in the report ever asked for more pay in artifacts.

    Even ignoring the balance arguement of flip boots being good or bad the solution is terrible for the game.
  • Coming back here just to say this:

    Hello, Veil of the Otenebrate. Back so soon?

  • I think the glue is a bad idea too. What does the veil have to do with it?
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    Glijije said:
    I think the glue is a bad idea too. What does the veil have to do with it?
    I agree with Eo and Glij. A credit item is a bad idea. Make it an engineering item to be bought in stores or made by crafters. Perhaps offer an engineering item that requires shards, and a credit item that doesn’t. Now the glue is like a desublimator - pay for frost bracers and avoid using shards, or use shards and avoid paying credits. Call it a “glue mixer” or something.

    i believe Deklan is referring to the Veil because it was a credit item that negated all manner of scrying, essentially allowing players to “pay to avoid detection” and thereby nullify many critical class features. The glue is similar - “don’t like boots/berserkers? Pay to stop flipping!”
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    I don't honestly care about balance, but I would gladly see my boots nerfed if it meant I had to carry less crap that I'll never use. This is what I see when I type I. And this doesn't even count the stuff in my backpack.. I honestly don't know what 10% of this junk does and I don't even know how to  look it up.

    You are holding:
       Left Hand  :  scepter37556             a forged scepter of dissolution
       Right Hand :  shield82613              a lunar shield
       12 balms of emboldening, 6 splintered looking glasses, an elephant carving, 2 lengths of tattered
    and frayed rope, 5 fragments of a skull idol, 2 stehl latchs, 2 fragments of a sphere of peace, 2
    fragments of an scorpion idol, a bottle of ghastly perfume, 7 amulets etched with a rotting corpse,
    3 turquoise bands, 17 holocaust bombs, a grey silk cloth, a bright-yellow ribbon strap, 7 keys, 3
    bells depicting elemental convergence, 2 yards of bright-yellow silk, an embroidered symbol of an
    icicle, 3 bottles of wispy perfume, a bucket of fodder, 2 sparkling pinecone candles, 11 black cat's
    tails, 3 fragments of an ominous vampire costume, 4 red shells of lethargy, a truesilver
    lumberjack's axe, a pearl-studded loop, 8 scatter bombs, 2 Propaganda Pamphlets, 2 seashell-shaped
    bells, 2 strap woven from pearl-hued ribbons, 2 embroidered symbols of a wave, an icicle-shaped
    bell, an ametrine pendant, 20 glacial bombs, 15 golden triangles of fortune, 2 embroidered symbols
    of the sands, a wide cream-coloured band, 2 fragments of a stitched up abomination costume, a
    fragment of a grim reaper costume, 3 tarnished mouthpieces, a wave-shaped amulet, 2 copper loops, an
    embroidered symbol of a volcano, a fragment of a pin of allegiance, an embroidered symbol of
    spirits, 2 fragments of a rabid zombie costume, 2 fragments of a wyvern idol, 8 green shells of
    lethargy, 3 fragments of a crooked eyeglass, 3 fragments of a squirt bottle, 4 blue shells of
    lethargy, a multi-coloured ribbon strap, a crystal horn engraved with a triple eclipse, 2 brass
    mouthpieces, a fragment of a quicksilver top, 3 turquoise silk cloths, 6 ethereal cloaks, a sack of
    meat, a citrine-plated mouthpiece, a quicksilver fishing pole, 2 pouch embroidereds with a volcano,
    2 brown bands, 3 obsidian and gold pipes, an embroidered symbol of a mountain, 2 cream-coloured
    woven cloths, 12 amethyst vials, 2 quartz-plated mouthpieces, a caravan crop, 2 platinum latchs, 2
    yards of bright-red silk, a pouch embroidered with elm trees, a translucent glass box, 2 massive
    tombstone-shaped diamonds, 2 fragments of a malevolent imp costume, 2 tri-coloured metal chains, 12
    broken mirror shards, 2 yards of yellow and white silk, a stunning pearl, 2 moon-shaped amulets, a
    ruby-plated mouthpiece, an opal-plated mouthpiece, 5 fragments of a malefic dragon costume, 11
    ragged scarecrows, 6 ethereal pellets, 2 pouch embroidereds with a furious sandstorm, 2 massive
    lightning bolt-shaped ambers, 2 wavering ethereal mirrors, a sapphire and diamond ring of hearts, a
    white and yellow ribbon strap, a massive mountain-shaped quartz, a tri-colored band, a tri-coloured
    silk cloth, an amber-plated mouthpiece, an emerald-plated mouthpiece, a bottle of evergreen perfume,
    2 lapis lazuli-plated mouthpieces, 2 amber pendants, a truesilver javelin, 3 black woven cloths, a
    yard of silver silk, 2 yards of brown silk, a sphere of peace, 3 ethereal chains, a frosted bottle
    of perfume, 2 fragments of a tombstone of Life, 2 flasks of thrice blessed water, a fragment of a
    crystal pendulum on a string, 2 talismans of carved deer antler, a Neelamic reservoir, 2 golden
    latchs, a fragment of a gopher idol, 2 bottles of molten perfume, a crystalline snowglobe, a length
    of cream-coloured rope, 2 fragments of a willowy scarecrow costume, 3 pouch embroidereds with
    Moradeim, 2 onyx vials, 3 phantom beacons, 2 fragments of a mischievous jester costume, a lightning
    bolt-shaped bell, 2 fragments of a monkey idol, a dagger of reincarnation, a length of white rope, 2
    map fragments, a tin loop, an amplifying horn of ghost, a pearl-studded latch, a quartz pendant, a
    yard of pure-white silk, a blue diamond heart engagement ring, a length of bright-yellow rope, 2
    multi-facet gems, a bright-red silk cloth, 4 lost pages, 2 polished onyxes, an embroidered symbol of
    dancing wisps, a heated latch, 2 bottles of multi-hued perfume, a yard of multi-coloured silk, 2
    onyx-studded loops, a tin chain, a spirit beacon, a Spear of the Hunter, a truesilver longsword, a
    sonic emitter, a tombstone-shaped amulet, 4 bottles of hot air, a bauble of alteration, a diamond
    pendant, an embroidered symbol of the suns, a fragment of a simple toolkit, an orb of suppression, a
    pipe filter set, a pouch embroidered with the rising dead, a sapphire pendant, a rock-shaped bell, a
    bone statuette, an opal pendant, a quadruple-stone amulet, a moon-shaped bell, a soot-blackened
    tinderbox, a wide pearl-studded band, a tree-shaped amulet, a bottle of 'Ab's perfume, a steel
    chain, a red wyvern-hide pack, a fragment of an angel idol, a poisoned whip, a yellow and white
    band, 2 sinn foil hats, 2 diamond-plated mouthpieces, a deck of divine hexes, a strap woven from
    tattered ribbons, 2 emerald and brown woven cloths, an embroidered symbol of elemental convergence,
    a gem of cloaking, a yard of deep black silk, a cloud-shaped bell, a light-blue ribbon strap, a
    pouch embroidered with a cyclone, a botanical guidebook, a bright-green ribbon strap, 2 ethereal
    rings, a length of bright-orange rope, a squirt bottle, a shimmering chain of multiple hues, 2
    polished brass loops, 2 bottles of musky perfume, a gemstone-plated mouthpiece, 2 embroidered
    symbols of trees, a black knitted sweater trimmed with fur, a lightning bolt-shaped amulet, a yard
    of shimmering pearl-hued silk, a massive seashell-shaped lapis lazuli, a light-blue band, 2 ethereal
    noserings, a bronze chain, a cyclone-shaped amulet, a silver chain, a pungent churata, a bottle of
    rain-scented perfume, a massive sun-shaped citrine, a tattered map page of the Amoran Anthill, a
    pocketbelt, a wide multi-hued band, an embroidered symbol of the moons, a tin latch, a behavioural
    scroll, a steel mallet, a whetstone, athletic black training leggings, a belly shirt of burgundy
    lace, a relic skull of wayfaring, a relic ring of summer, relic robes of citadel, a relic amulet of
    torture, an elegant white letter, an angel idol, a whale idol, a wyvern idol, 10 alluring gems, a
    gem of radiant offerings.
    Type MORE to continue reading. (79% shown)
    Health:525 Mana:381 (eb) more
    You are wearing:
       2 citrine earrings, 3 quartz earrings, 5 pearl earrings, 4 pyrite earrings, a ring of Magick's
    Bane, an ethereal cloak, 2 diaspore earrings, 3 spinel earrings, 4 hematite earrings, a Cloudpiercer
    Bow, a blood pendant, 5 onyx earrings, a Cloak of Obfuscate, a lamiran amulet, a pair of stone
    rings, 2 turquoise earrings, 3 obsidian earrings, a plain amulet, 5 topaz earrings, 2 pair of
    ethereal boots, a pair of Renascent Armguards, 4 calcite earrings, a Scholar's Sash, an Anklet of
    Dashing, 5 aquamarine earrings, a jasper earring, 2 amethyst earrings, 2 aventurine earrings, an
    Ironwood warmask painted polished granite, a feathered armlet, a coral earring, 3 serpentine
    earrings, 4 emerald earrings, 3 ruby earrings, a fiery rose of multi-coloured hues, Acrobatic Boots,
    an itchy and unattractive sweater, 2 opal earrings, a malevolent imp costume, the dazzling goggles
    of the phenomenon, 3 jade earrings, an Armband of Celerity, 2 amber earrings, 3 sapphire earrings, a
    silver-weave pack, a Truesilver Ring, a Brooch of the Tempest, a garnet earring, a vialbelt of
    truesilver kegs, a suit of quicksilver armour, a steelweave surcoat, a Diadem of the Quickening,
    ebony-hued stiletto shoes, a pink headband with bunny ears, a sensual short dress of crimson lace, a
    leather falconry glove.

  • @Xzerizenabel what items in your inventory are you wondering about?
  • Quite a lot of those are assembly items. There's a command to lookup promo items. Not logged in, so can't check it right now.
  • I’m mostly shocked at the number of earrings. That’s, like, twenty pounds of earrings per ear.
  • Also HELP INVENTORY, look at the category commands. You can add replicas and gag them. I'm not suuuure if you can do the assembly promos without more work, but the rest should be pretty quick.
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    Honestly this only seems more apparent today. If you forum goers don't know there is an Artifact Auction today. I'm not going to tell anyone how to spend their money, However; one of the items is going for $4,000 worth of credits. How the flying Frig is that going to be balanced. I don't even know what it does, but I know if it's worth that price it can't be healthy for the game outside of fiscally.
  • I believe these auctions for very powerful, unmatched and unavailable artifacts are very, very bad for the game. Creating further distance between the veterans and spenders, mechanically, and newer members is a sure fire way discourage new players.
  • Dead game lol
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