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Xzerizenabel seems bugged

I know you're not supposed to post bugs on the forum but the game doesn't accept any of my commands after logging in.

I was playing on my tablet which admittedly sucks it's an old Apple 2 when none of my commands worked. Switched to my desktop and it seems to be having the same problem.


  • Apparently having my character die fixed it..

  • Without further investigation, this sounds like it was probably the Concussion affliction.
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  • After some testing it seems to be the case, although you probably shouldn't have an affliction that doesn't give any sort of message and also appears to just eat inputs especially OOC inputs. Because it just looks like my system is broken.
  • edited March 2020
    There’s a boss monster that inflicts concussion, and without fail I end the fight thinking I’m bugged or that my keyboard is glitched.
  • Unrelated, sort of, but yay for having a system that tells me my command was eaten by concussion...
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