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I found out just a little while ago that Leighanna passed away earlier this morning. Leigh was always one of my very favourite people on Imperian, over multiple characters and years of friendship. She was a peaceful, loving, calming person, and she will be missed by the very many people whose lives she lit up for just a little while.

I don't play Imperian very much anymore, and I'm not very active on the forums, but I thought she might like it if we could share some positive memories of her, or that at least anyone reading might sit back and remember her warmth. 

I had some art commissioned a few years ago of Leighanna's character, in her selkie form. I'm not sure if she ever shared it with you all, but I'd like to post it as something left of her character, if anyone wants to look back at memories of her in the future. 

I will miss you very much, Leighanna, and I hope you are in a kinder place now. 


  • I remember running into her at a shardfall once. She sighed, said “I don’t want to fight, I’ll just go, I don’t feel well”. I gave her a squid stuffed animal, a hug, and left.

    She seemed like a kind person. Imperian is smaller without her.
  • Leigh was a great Emeris. She helped form the magick alliance. She was kind, but she also had a spine -- you could only push her so far. Celidon and imperian as a whole have lost a great character and a great person.
  • I created this character a few days ago in an effort to take a trip down memory lane. While I was wandering around, I found some equipment laying on the ground, and noticed that it had her mark on it, which brought back a lot of memories from the time I actively played. I interacted with Leighanna in a lot of capacities - some friendly, some very antagonistic - and I remember her always being cheerful and willing to help her friends. It's weirdly coincidental and sobering to be met with this kind of news, and it's a reminder of how linked our community is, even if it's small. My thoughts are with her friends and family.
  • She was a lot of people in the history of Imperian. A lot of us old people will remember her as Elizabell. We hadn't talked in awhile, but her and I were always Facebook friends. As a bunch of us get older now, never take your friends for granted. I will miss her too, and her magnetic personality. Rest in Peace, Kat.
  • SaerosSaeros Wahpeton, North Dakota, USA
    I am in tears as I write this. Kat was such a kind soul. Saeros and Elizabell bumped heads a few times, but in the end always came together when things were a little too heavy. She was such a delight to roleplay with, and share a world with. I can only hope that Imperian continues to drive on, correcting what needs it, so that in her memory and the memory of others we can continue on.

    I remember once, there was a joke. She had bopped me on the head so much in one day, that we mused OOC that it might have concussed the poor snakeboi.

    Love and miss you, Kat.

  • MathiausMathiaus Pennsylvania
    edited February 2020
    During my many transitions of cities and councils, Leighanna had welcomed me into Celidon with her pleasant demeanor and charming personality. Over the years, we would shoot each other tells asking how we were doing, and I would let her be at shardfalls if it was only her around. She would give me a friendly squeeze and we'd be on our way.

    As much as Anthe and Mathiu showed me combat as a bard and helped me get into pvp, your love showed me how kindness matters in this world, and you don't need to smack someone down with combat to make a meaningful impact in their time with Imperian.

    I hope the best for you within this reality that we exist in, and hope that your energies, soul, or anything that you may have believed comforted you in your passing.

    Much love and respect, rest well Kat.
  • For anyone who wants to donate to Kat's Memorial Fund, one has been created today. Link is:
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