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Merchant Lord Version 1.2.0 - Probe and Recall

edited November 2019 in Scripting
Current Version: 1.2.0 updated 2019-11-26


MerchantLord is built on Mudlet 4.3.0. Releases will be based on the most recent mudlet versions available, which I will note in future releases.


  • Added ml probe to probe items in a shop and gather description, crafter, and designer data. This will automatically probe items once every second until it has probed every item detected with wares if autoprobe is on.
  • Added ml recall <item> to display an item's description, crafter, and designer.
  • Added ml settings autoprobe <on|off> to toggle autoprobe settings. The default is off.
  • ml find <item> now sorts the results by price and area.
  • ml list <search> is now sorted by type (short name) and short description

Current Features

  • Automatic harvesting of shop information
  • Automatic cataloging of individual items, their locations, and price after use of the wares command.
  • The ability to look up items using ml list <search>
  • The ability to look up a specific item's locations using ml find <item short>
  • The ability to probe an unprobed item in a shop using ml probe. This will automatically continue to probe unprobed items in the shop (as detected by the `wares` command) every second if autoprobing is on.
  • The ability to recall the details of an item probed using ml recall <item>.
  • Handle autoprobe settings using ml settings autoprobe <on|off>


  1. Download the MerchantLord.xml from the most recent release.
  2. Open Mudlet and select "Module Manager" from the dropdown menu
  3. Select "Install"
  4. Browse to the location you downloaded MerchantLord.xml, select it, and select "Open"


I'm using github projects for my feature management. This is in kanban style, meaning items at the top have the highest priority for each column.


Next features are better ease of use to get from the list command to the find and recall commands. After that I am going to reevaluate the level of effort of the liquid handling and add some polish for command feedback and optimization to reduce the lag in wares.

You can find the Mudlet roadmap here:

Web App

I am working on a nodejs web app module in parallel to allow anyone to take the database created by MerchantLord and host it for themselves. It's in its infancy and less of a priority until I finish out the currently accepted issues for the Mudlet work.

You can find the web app rodemap here:

Feature Requests

Right now I'm taking feedback and ideas for additional features. I'm nearing the baseline for the mudlet project's goal from the buyer persona.
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