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GMCP assistance

Hey guys,

I was playing with a bashing script to find targets for me, and I was playing around with this:

function bashCheck()
for i, v in ipairs(gmcp.Char.Items.List.items) do
  if v.attrib=="m" then
    target =

Which works for the intial target grab, but it won't update once that target is dead.  I've tried using 'ql' or even leaving/reentering the room, but it won't trigger again without some sort of server side intialised update.  How can I get this to update, or initiate an update from the server?


  • Actually.. I think I worked it out, so nevermind the question anymore.
  • As with most "list" type messages, the message is not sent every time there's a change in the room. Instead, update, add, and delete messages are sent, which you can use to keep track of your own lists.

    The Char.Items.List.items message is sent for items in-room:

    In response to a "" request sent by a client
    When you enter a new room

    All other changes, you need to track the gmcp.Char.Items.Add, gmcp.Char.Items.Remove, and gmcp.Char.Items.Update messages yourself.
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  • The forums are a great place to ask this question. Another place that works well is our Discord server, which has a channel for different client scripting questions! (For example, this one could have gone in the #mudlet-scripting channel)
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