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Mudlet 4.3 – Fixed selection

This short update fixes text selection in Mudlet, improves the generic mapper script, and a few things in the background.

Fixed text selection

Crius MacOldenly from Accursed Lands has taken it upon themselves to rewrite text selection in Mudlet, and the result is really good! It now behaves as you’d expect.




Thanks to all coders: CriusMacOldenly, demonnic, keneanung, SlySven, and vadi2 for contributing to the code!

Thanks to all translators: Leris, Marco “M0lid3us” Tironi (wiploo), and vadi2 for helping translate Mudlet.



  • ‘show moves’ alias to generic mapper script
  • support for a ‘Public Test Build’ version of Mudlet (coming soon)


  • table.is_empty() now gives a better error message
  • text selection redone
  • emoji rendering is a bit better (still working on it)
  • showColors() now appends the clicked colour instead of replacing text in the input line


  • modernised cmake files

It might look like we haven’t done much for you in this release, as compared to the previous ones – but fear not, there’s been plenty of work in the background that’ll come to fruition in the future :)

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  • Hey perfect, thanks for keeping mudlet updated! This was much needed and very appreciated
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