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The moons did a thing

edited October 2019 in Role Playing and Events
A wind far above pushes thick, billowing clouds across the sky, revealing the three moons of Aetherius.

The moons are unusually close, each hanging low in the sky.

The three moons grow closer to each other and you feel the combined gravitational pull exerting force upon the world.

As the moons appear to touch each other in the sky the earth rumbles gently beneath your feet.

Where the moons appear to cross, a column of bright blue water expands from the center of the mass, encompassing the triple moons in a large ring.

The moons continue to drift into each other and it is impossible to tell which is closer or further from where you stand.

Bright fire bursts outward, encircling the trio in a second ring.

As the moons overlap the air is filled with radiant white light.

A fierce wind kicks up, sweeping leaves and dust into the air.

The swirling wind creates a great tornado that lifts into the heavens and encircles the moons in a third ring.

The radiant light increases at the moons slowly align into a great triple eclipse.

The moons tremble as surface pieces crack, break free, and rise from the surface, forming the fourth ring of earth and rock.

Only the most distant edges of the three moons have yet to overlap.

Light flashes through the sky and floods your vision as the eclipse reaches totality.

As your vision returns you look about and the land is bathed in a cool white light.

The rings have vanished and a singular black moon rests in the sky, bands of alternating light and dark emanating from the edges of the eclipse.

The triple eclipse twinkles and shimmers softly, not an inch of the land beneath escaping the blessed gaze of the unified moons.

In the center of the moon the image of a great crystalline forge begins to take shape and you can
feel the Diachaim spilling from its surface.

The Diachaim fills you with power and you feel a great desire to GAZE into the FORGE.

After several long moments, the image of the Moon Forge fades, and only the black moon, radiating the bands of light and dark remain.


  • To bad the changes that came with such an amazing introduction are mediocre at best. Nothing -actually- changed at all. Just no more Moon specific aspects, with a system that is broken more than the previous aspect system was. Probably would have been better if they just deleted monoliths all together and made Aspects tied into circles specifically. This way Leylines and Circles once again have some sort of importance to the game instead of just being a mechanic that is about as useful as a bump on a log. 
  • Please keep commentary on the Aspect system in the appropriate thread. This thread should be used to talk about the event itself (and any other parts that may happen in the future).
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  • Apologies, got carried away. Point being, it was an awesome introduction to the changes. One I really enjoyed witnessing... but that is about all I liked about it.
  • So, help out my IC logic? If I have it right, interviewing "eyewitnesses" to the event should yield the following IC information (in case I want to RP it in my "Moon Sect"):
    • While there are still three moons circling the planet, for this event there was a lunar triple eclipse that reminded Aetherius that a unified moon is a powerful thing indeed.
    • The one-time proximity of the three moons unlocked access to superpowers that were previously only available to devotees (mantled Aspects) of a single moon (Aryana, Moradeim or Sukhder).
    • There was a psychic message to everyone that the Moon Forge is the portal to this power, as well as allowing first time access to folks of sufficient power (Aspects) to elemental planes that were previously inaccessible to mortals.
    • My previous allegiance to one of the moons is null and invalid, and now I'm free to pick powers as I see fit, as well as pick a new allegiance to an element for reasons yet to be revealed.
    Granted that any RPer is free to believe what they want, just wanted to get a check into what information can be considered "common knowledge", given that helpfiles may be changing soon. Thanks!

  • Edit: erm, stop reading my mind Jeremy, you're weirding me out. Just saw the homepage updated today. Thank you!
  • Thanks for sharing that, Nivvi, I've been pretty curious about what exactly happened!

    I don't want to be rude to the Admin here but it seems a bit odd there isn't any kind of Events post about what happened - is that possibly still coming? It would be nice to see an IG record of what is probably a pretty monumental event in Aetherius. Ta.
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  • Yes, there will be an events post. I've been waiting for things to calm down a bit and release a bit more on the Planes, but I may go ahead and get a post written and posted sooner.
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