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Mudlet 4.1 – quality improvements all around

This is a quality release bringing improvements to Mudlet editor, Geyser, while adding MSSP, HTTP POST/PUT/DELETE, and more. Enjoy :)

Mudlet editor improvements

dicene pulled his sleeves up and added a fair bit of great improvements to the code editor!

  • Alt+E will now remember the view you last used, instead of always going to the trigger view.
  • Alt+E will now also toggle between the editor and the main window – as an alternative to Alt+Tab or using the mouse
  • Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab can now be used to jump around the main parts of the Mudlet editor – this helps a lot with keyboard navigation!
  • Function autocomplete is now an option in settings

And while not strictly an editor feature, you can now select a specific profile tab – just like you can select a specific browser tab – with Ctrl+#. So Ctrl+1 will open the first profile, Ctrl+2 the second, and so on.


Tamarindo from StickMUD added support for Mud Server Status Protocol (MSSP) in Mudlet! This means that for games that support it, the mssp table (do lua mssp to see it) will have all sorts of data that the game reports about itself. 

Are you an admin running a game? Add MSSP support! Are you a player on Mudlet wanting to use it? See here how to do that.

As well as MSSP, Mudlet will now accept JSON for the Client.GUI string – this is something game admins can use to setup a Mudlet interface. Thanks again to Tamarindo for adding that!

Improvements for custom UIs

demonnic added some neat features to Geyser labels: you can now align text in them to the left or right of the label, as well as format it with strikeout text! insertLink, echoPopup, and insertPopup now have c/d/h variants for colouring text too.

vadi2 managed to crack the problem that was affecting Windows releases – if you created opened mapper with your Geyser interface together, the latter would look a bit weird until you resized it. No more! Both will open up just fine now.

Additional web APIs

This one is for coders as well: Mudlet has already supported HTTP GET, and now it supports POST, PUT, and DELETE too! With these you can make Mudlet packages that interact with web services – we look forward to seeing what you come up with :)

Mindful of the privacy aspects of this, as always, all HTTP requests are now logged in the Centra Debug Console:

Feature 5

Feature 5 text


Big thanks to abbradar, demonnic, dicene, keneanung, macjabeth , mpconley, SlySven, vadi2, and wsdmatty for making this Mudlet update possible! Have you got an itch to scratch about Mudlet? Join in.


We’ve added a ton of improvements in this release, including some neat table functions by macjabeth, so look below for the complete changelog:


  • Alt+E / “Script editor” will now open the same view you had last, instead of Triggers view at all times
  • Alt+E now toggles between the Mudlet editor and the main window back and forth
  • calcFontSize(window_or_fontsize, optional_font_name)
  • Client.GUI is now accepted by Mudlet in JSON format as well (this is for game admins)
  • Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab can now be used to jump around the main parts of the Mudlet editor
  • Geyser.Label:echo can now align things to ‘left’ and ‘right’, and use ‘strikeout’ text
  • insertLink, echoPopup, and insertPopup now have c/d/h variants for colouring text
  • MSSP data is now available in Lua! Not all games support this, but those that do, you’ll be able to get additional data about the game in the ‘mssp’ table
  • postHTTP(), putHTTP(), and deleteHTTP() – and logging of all requests in the Debug console so you know what scripts are doing
  • table.keys(), table.n_filter(), table.n_flatten() for working with tables
  • Ctrl+1,2,3,etc now changes between profile tabs (this won’t break your custom keybindings if you have those)


  • code editor’s autocompletion now has a toggle in settings
  • default map save format is now 20 (up from 18). This means maps saved by Mudlet 4.1 can’t be read by 2.1 (3.x is OK!) – at this point enough people should be off
  • insertPopup and echoPopup now accept “main” as an argument
  • “default_host” profile is now gone: even faster Mudlet loading!


  • ‘Copy as image’ now correctly works for Chinese and other 2-character-width languages
  • changing formatting in a miniconsole will now take effect right away
  • clicking on the timestamp will once again select the entire line (remember you have ctrl+clicking on a line too)
  • setBold and other formatting functions will now work on miniconsoles
  • setting a 0 width font (a weird font, basically) won’t crash Mudlet
  • UIs / Geyser no longer look funny when you first open them :)
  • userwindows will now close when you close their profile



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