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New Outrider looking for some tips!

I am a seasoned Mud player, but new to Imperian. I took the Outrider as my profession. I am interested in combat and am looking for tips about what Statpack I should be taking, as well as a general idea of how the class works, and in what order to learn my skills. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


  • I'd suggest you give a read to HELP OUTRIDER. It says the statpack (Athletic) recommended and general combat strategies suggested for that class. As far as learning goes, profession wise, focus on Wyrmriding and Trailblazing first, then Hunting for combat purposes. Remember to choose a proficiency between trident or spear for your weapon. Usually that type of question is answered in game by your city org or guild, if you have chosen any. :) Visit Antioch tomorrow and we'll help you get started if you want. Good luck and welcome to Imperian!
  • I read Help Outriders and it list more than just the athletic statpack, and It took me a minute to figure out that their was more to the file than what I saw, but thanks for the input
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