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Imperian Fight Club

Imperian will be holding regular fight club meetings every day at 01:00 GMT and additionally at 17:00 GMT on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Fight club fights use arena heroes of the same profession as you are when the meeting starts. Arena heroes come with skills, artifacts, consumables, and more that you can use during your fight. Nothing that you use during the fight will affect your regular supplies. The idea is to minimize the effects of different levels and artifacts and focus just on individual skill.

To join a meeting, type GAMES REGISTER at any point before the next meeting. You will automatically be given a partner and set up when the meeting begins.

To properly incentivize the combatants, unbound credits will be awarded at the end of the game to the winner ranging from 5 to 50 credits based off of a formula that will be tweaked as time goes on. The idea is to reward upsets more strongly. The loser of a match will still get a daily credit award.

As with other instance battles, you will have the opportunity to back out during the staging portion of the game. If you do back out, you get nothing and your opponent gets daily credits.

There is also something for those of you that don't want to fight: spectator betting. Once a meeting starts, type GAMES LIST to get a list of the matches that the fighters are preparing for. Then you can GAMES BET <amount> ON <fighter> IN <match #>. All bets are final.

In GAMES LIST, you'll see a column listing the current payouts. These payouts will change as the betting continues, and the final payout at close will be the payout that actually pays out. Payouts are determined in a time honored manner: if you win you get the money you bet, plus the money bet on the other guy in proportion to the amount you bet, minus the house fee.

In addition, logs will be made of the battles and shared on the online website. Everything sent or received during battle will be logged with the exception of received communications that are not says. Logs will be available at

Enjoy Fighting!


  • Thank you for your continued support of the game <3
  • As some aren't familiar with the arena hero system:

    Arena Heroes are one time use player shells that you can become for use in various games and events, such as FIGHT CLUB.
    Arena Heroes will be configured largely to match your existing configuration. Configuration changes that you make while a hero will not transfer back to you primary character.
    In addition to the skills and items listed at the end of this scroll, heroes have access to the HERO command. This can be used as follows:
    HERO RESMITH <item> <prop> [<prop>] - Resmith something
    HERO TATTOO <tattoo> ON <bodypart> - Free tattoos
    HERO MOUNT - Give you a warhorse
    Training pets and animals is done using the standard commands, but one application should fully max out the level.
    Each Hero will receive the following:
    Transcendental in:
     - Perception
     - Survival
     - Weaponry 
     - Tattoos
     - Evasion
     - Engineering
     - Taming
     - Concoctions
     - Toxins
     - Antidotes
     - Constitution
     - Frost
     - Fitness
     - Galvanism
     - Philosphy
     - Thermology
     - Profession skills
    Regular Items:
     - Tinderbox
     - Tunic
     - Pants
     - Plants
     - Inks
     - Salves
     - Elixers 
     - Venoms/Toxins
     - Pipe filter
     - Diadem
     - Surcoat
     - Morphing Armour
     - Flip Boots
     - Resist Rings
     - Platinum Pack
     - Bow
     - Flintlock
     - Reservoirs
     - STR+3
     - INT+3
     - Boomerang
     - Scorpion  Tail
     - Taming Whip
     - Mind Numbness
     - Wand of Reflectioin
     - Magicks Bane
     - Lyre
     - Health +3
     - Mana + 3
     - Quicksilver Amulet
     - Regen Health
     - Regen Mana
     - Avoid Telepathy
     - CON + 3
     - INT + 3
     - DEX + 3
     - Shields
     - Flood Ring
     - Flying Ring
     - Burrow
     - Food
     - Breathe Underwater
     - Decrease Mana
     - Celerity
     - Illusion
     - Terror
     - Dashing
     - Tempest Brooch
     - Lifevision
     - Neckguard
     - Monocle
     - Forboding
     - Goggles
     - Whetstone
     - Shield Regen
     - Arrow Catch
     - Traps
     - Telescope
     - Lipread
     - Keeneye
     - Possessions
     - Seer's Eye
     - Quiver with arrows
     - Pipes
    Profession Specific:
      - Preexisting Pacts
      - Extra possession artifact
      - Tarot Deck
      - Leather vam/gre/helm
      - Belt
      - Mindlock Artifact
      - Leather vam/gre/helm
      - No trees needed for roots
      - Whisps and Golem must be summoned
      - Quarterstaff
      - Evoke duration artifact
      - Naturebinding artifact
      - Chain vam/gre/helm
      - Cobra
      - Whip
      - Dirk
      - Leather vam/gre/helm
      - Dioxin and Trioxin toxins
      - Trans jousting
      - Falcon
      - Swords
      - Devotion Artifact
      - Falcon talons and glove
      - Plate vam/gre/helm
      - Mace
      - Devotion Artifact
      - Incense Burner
      - Incense
      - Chain vam/gre/helm
      - Basilisk
      - Rune Stone
      - Gloves
      - Tablet
      - Totem
      - Bone dust
      - Leather v/g/h
      - Trans jousting
      - Falcon
      - Swords
      - Tablet/Totem
      - Falcon Artis
      - Plate v/g/h
      - Whip
      - Dirk
      - Leather v/g/h
      - Dioxin/Trioxin
      - Two flinlocks
      - blunderbuss
      - Chain v/g/h
      - Dragon flame
      - Bayonet
      - Toggle Switch
      - Circular Glass
      - Lodestone
      - Leather Apron
      - Pocketwatch
      - Spectacles
      - Brassscope
      - Ammo
      - Powder
      - Chems
      - Compounds
      - Daegger
      - Essence artifact
      - Leather v/g/h
      - Swords
      - Shield
      - Mask
      - Leather v/g/h
      - Sketchbook
      - Sketches
      - Axe
      - Quill
      - Voice
      - Harp
      - Leather v/g/h
      - Glaive
      - Chain v/g/h
      - Javelin
      - Chain v/g/h
      - Cirisosis
      - Lartosis
      - Sitara
      - Darthsheath with darts
      - Leather v/g/h
      - Treant
      - Flail
      - Reduce Haze
      - Chain v/g/h
      - Shadow Crown
      - Shadow Ring
      - Shadow Torc
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    Assassigade needs sulfonal, too. Dunno if you included it with other toxins since dioxin/trioxin got a specific mention.
  • Gjarrus said:
    Assassigade needs sulfonal, too. Dunno if you included it with other toxins since dioxin/trioxin got a specific mention.
    For some reason we're giving sulfonal to everyone, not just assassin/renegade, but it's covered.
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    You do not have enough haze to do that.
    H:606 (100.0%) M:481 (100.0%) [eb cdb] 11:05:19.690
    Item                 Haze      %      Worn
    shadowcrown357732    2500000   100%   Worn
    shadowring366246     150000    100%   Worn
    shadowtorc371530     1250000   100%   Worn
    Total: 3900000 haze in 3 items, of which 3900000 is in worn ones.

    I couldn't use anything from shadowbinding, in the preparation area at least, because apparently I had no haze. Treant didn't follow out of the preparation room either. Also didn't have any empty vials to fill with blood, though that was rectified by just emptying a toxin I didn't need.

    Removed the treant line - treant apparently doesn't automatically follow you.
  • Haze holding items were incorrectly not be flagged as owned by the arena hero, so the haze couldn't be used. Fixed that and also set them up to receive an extra vial (ruby, for blood).
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    It doesnt have full Knight weapons. You only get 1 of each sword. You need two Longswords and two scimitars to duel wield.  (2 Axes as well please)

    Also entering the portal in the staging area kicks you out without any warning. I thought entering the portal way how I said I was ready so I entered the portal and got kicked out the fight before it started.

  • You should now have your two weapons as a knight as well as commodities for those that use them.

    I'll try to make the portal thing more obvious.
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    Something looks off with the limb damage inside.

    Took 11 hits to break a shaman whos ment to be in leather limb armour. Took 7 hits to break the limb of a plate wearing Knight out of arena.

    Not sure of the formula for limb damage but I noticed it felt harder to break limbs by a large margin in the fight club.
  • Shamans need a sabre or other weapon to stab toxins as well.
  • So I'm not sure of the math on this but was talking about it with @Eochaid, I also thought the limb resists were pretty weird in my last fight vs Engineer. Normally in theory it takes about 3-6 plimbs maximum to get to a mutilated limb on leather armour, but from what I saw it took at least 10-15 to get to a lvl 3 break on one limb.

    Not sure if this is the regen or something messing with it either but with a quad break the incendiary is usually guaranteed (you usually don't need to break all four for the incen, especially not with leather armour) but in this last hero fight, by the time I got through the fourth limb from the hit right before break, all of the other limbs were healed and the incen was pulled almost immediately.

    In the next fight club match I have vs Engineer I'm going to test it out to make sure it's not just me doing something wrong, but it seemed off to me. The only thing I could think of is alternating leg/arm breaks so that the arms aren't fully healed by the time I get to the legs, but it still seems to be stronger than usual.
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    I checked a Knight v Knight Log and it was 11 hacks to trembling 22 hacks to break inside the fight club.

    Way more than the seven it takes to break mine outside. I don't know of any artifact that worked against limb damage.

    Could be bug or the admin gave god level smithed armour?
  • Should now have a throwing axe for everyone.  Also, the armour is just standard artifact armour. 
  • Did you find out what is causing the limb damage issue?
  • Could we also get fist sigils/wrist wraps please.
  • You should be able to conjure them. Most skills that require you to build something should be able to be done without the comms or room requirements.
  • I'm wracking my brains to figure out the differences in limb damage in and out of Fight Club.

    In last Fight club.
    Target was a Knight in Fight club. Took 15 hacks to mutilate.
    Target had plate limb armour and 700 health.
    I had 19 strength and level 3 weapons from the fight club artifacts.

    Out of Fight club.
    Target was a Knight. Took seven hacks to mutilate.
    Target had plate limb armour. Target had 731 Health.
    I had 18 strength and level 2 glove weapons.
    I adjusted my strength down to 15 and broke in seven.
    I removed the glove and it increased the hacks needed up to eight.

    There isn't any artifact that changes how much limb damage you take that I could find.

    Either I'm missing something in how limb damage is calcuated or there is something fishy going on.

    Ced suggested it could be either the weapons are not being tagged properly for their limb damage type or the armour is being tagged on incorrectly.

  • Ok so:

    There is a massive difference in limb damage. This is a bug right?

  • Okkkkk I think I figured it out.

    Look at the actual damage. It's roughly half damage inside fight club to outside. Thats about the difference between having a weapon proficiency and not having one.

    Can you guys check that you've given the shells weapon proficiencies?

  • OK, they were previously able to learn them for free, but now they just have all the proficiencies.  
  • Awesome thanks.
  • edited August 2019
    So... why does starburst work in fight club? Is that intended, or something that was overlooked?

    Edited to add: I'm assuming starburst-like defences also work, such as redemption.
  • It's supposed to simulate real combat, so pretty much everything works.  
  • Out of curiosity, has any good data resulted from the fight club? It sounds like a cool, neutral way to test current class iterations. 
  • Fair enough, thanks  :)
  • BixBix
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    HERO ATTUNE <enviro> - Outriders need to be able to attune to an environment to summon their ents, and often the fight club arena doesn't have the attunement they need(causes issues with triggers and tracking)

    Toxins - A lot of the toxins(formaldehyde is the one i noticed in the last fight i did) can't be envenomed on weapons or used in combos, gives the line for thick toxins, even if you empty and refill the vials

    Namechange - Shells can namechange halfway through a fight, this is pretty broken for several obvious reasons, from tracking to targetting.

    Emails - When a fight club is over people get Char deletion warnings for the shells(May have been fixed, i didn't check for my last fight)

    Defences - not necessarily broken, but could armguard and armguard defs be brought over to the shells? lots use them to save time, and it causes defup issues for some.

    Edits: Additions to the list
  • Dec said:
    It's supposed to simulate real combat, so pretty much everything works.  
    can we get bluestar too? :tongue:
  • BixBix
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    Fight club currently logs /everything/ people do in the arena and it's a big deterrent for a lot of people, and the main reason that fight club gets so few competitors.
    Could the logging be stopped, as it gives away a lot of a person's curing, and almost feels like an invasion of privacy. Every tell, typo, movement, cure, attack, etc... is all laid out.

    also - can we get 2 of each earring too? it's not a standard arti, but all of the decent combatants use them.
  • I understood the purpose of fight club was to encourage newbies to combat to learn, discuss, and receive tips from more experienced players. I've received tips from other players who watched my fight and gave me feedback after watching my log. I agree with removing tells if that's easily doable, but removing this log altogether would make it feel like any other Coliseum match that I can queue for.
  • BixBix
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    Bronach said:
    I understood the purpose of fight club was to encourage newbies to combat to learn, discuss, and receive tips from more experienced players. I've received tips from other players who watched my fight and gave me feedback after watching my log. I agree with removing tells if that's easily doable, but removing this log altogether would make it feel like any other Coliseum match that I can queue for.
    Because of the forced logging, there's very few fights. If you wanted to log your own and hand it out, that'd be understandable, or even if there was an "opt-in" option for the logging, but forcing logs that are that in-depth is a serious deterrant for any decent combatants, because giving out both your curing AND offense is just ridiculous. 

    I've spoken to a LOT of top-tier combatants about this, and they agree this is the only reason they don't do it, even if the payout for credits is nice. It's just not worth giving up every bit of your combat system, and if i had known how detailed the logs were, i never would have even stepped into the arena in the first place.

    Some have even mentioned it being an invasion of privacy, because of the previously mentioned reasons, it gives out EVERY bit of your combat system. Curing, offense, communication, etc... It's all laid out there and it's ridiculous.

    Edit: Grammar
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