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Armor resistance

XzerizenabelXzerizenabel Member Posts: 19
Can someone explain the math on armor resistance and how it works. 


  • DecDec Member, Immortal Posts: 216 mod
    If you are confused about damage percentages a good starting point is to understand that they work on a percentage of the remainder type system.  So two 50% reductions would be 100 * 50% = 50 and then 50 * 50% = 25.  If there is something more specific about the question I can try to help.
  • NarujNaruj Member, Beta Testers Posts: 189 ✭✭✭
    edited July 2019
    The actual mitigation of armor is half the value listed on the armor. This mitigation amount is applied to only part of the damage that you receive from an attack. That value changes based on the attack, but is very roughly 50% for most attacks. So your 50% blunt armor would reduce blunt attacks by about 12.5%. If you were also using a 50% shield, each would reduce by 12.5% multiplicatively. So you'd take 100 * 0.875 * 0.875 = 76.6 damage.

    They've been reluctant to give us all of the secret sauce around these mechanics - to avoid turning the game into a purely numbers optimization simulator. But this is my basic understanding of how it works.
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