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Bonus Modifiers

I was under the impression that Champion gave either a 100% or 50% bonus, with 50% being the least. That being said, here are my modifiers. I'm guessing that when you have a Soulstone, it changes the bonus modification, reducing Champion to 25%? Or is that based upon HF + Champ? If that's the case, is the 25% extra really that beneficial when people can hunt and jump you anytime they want? Anyone know the answer to this - in terms of modifications? Thank you!!

Experience Bonuses:
   Owl tattoo with research bonus      20%
   Guild XP Bonus                               10%
   Elite Membership XP Bonus             5%
   Soulstone XP Bonus                        100%
   Champion XP Bonus Combination   25%
   Highfavour XP Bonus                       50%
Total:                                                 210%


  • The bonus depends on what other bonuses that you have.  25% is the minimum for champion, 100% is the maximum.
  • If you recall @Myrcella xp got recalculated like a year and a half agoish? So that the returns were lessened and the numbers were smooshed together based on other bonuses you had. Not really sure what the math or the post was (To compound on Dec's statement....if it's relevent)
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