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Achievements (New & Old)

@Arakis and I were talking earlier today about Achievements and how we need some news and some of the unobtainable 'old' ones should be removed or put into a different category or something (my OCD for not being able to check off those boxes is strong).

I'm curious - what are some achievements that you'd like to see in Imperian? Let's try to compile a list/reward for the admin and see if we can hopefully get them implemented!


  • I’d like to see more achievements for:

    • More mob types killed
    • Book writing
    • Corpse sacrificing
    • Corpse eating (don’t judge)
    • Bosses killed
    Basically, slap a Cheevo on the boring stuff we do all the time. 

  • +Rooms built, designed (flip this house)
    +Teaching newbies how to xy (not just lessons; apple for the teach)
    +Killing xy plagues / interfering with summoning of xy plagues (plague buster)
    +Reaching rank xy in your org/sect/guild (topguilds seems to be gone)
    +Induct new member to org/sect/guild (recruiter)
    +Switch circles xy times (itchy feet)
    +Perform xy weddings / divorces (justice of the peace / I wants half)
    +Holding your champion status/monolith/sparkly for xy days (come 'n git it)
    +Successfully defending your org/sect (hands off)

    Cause, me.
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