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Nexus trigger testing?

RessnikRessnik Member Posts: 4
Is there a way to echo a command with Nexus to test fire my triggers, instead of using a guinea pig all the time? I tried display settings echo command but that does no good. Or really any way to test fire triggers?


  • RyseRyse Member Posts: 146 ✭✭✭
    Hi Ressnik, fellow Nexus user here. 

    It depends on the trigger. For combat routines, I generally test on myself first. For reactions (such as expiring buffs), I’ll type them in say or emote and adjust the trigger to account for “contains”. 

    If either of those don’t work and you have no city mates around, send me a tell in game and I’d be happy to stand there and act as a test subject. 
  • RessnikRessnik Member Posts: 4
    Ill give it a whirl. Thanks!
  • ZaxadorZaxador Member Posts: 13
    edited February 2019
    Without having tested it, according to Mudlet's "Migrating" section in their wiki, #echo and #send should both work in Nexus.
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