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Monthly Promotions

ArceArce Member Posts: 13
I'm curious to see the prize lists, but as it stands this promotion seems a wee bit on the extravagant side.

The price on the arrows seems very high (again, waiting for the prize lists to make any concrete judgement) and I would be curious to see the numbers on how many days the "high score" was more than 2-3 arrows (I know that's improbable, but it would say something about game health).

I liked the idea behind the giftbags, as it was something that was purchase oriented while still having a bone to throw for game participation.

What I'm wondering is if there are any plans to orient the monthly promotions into re-populating existing promotional items into the game? As it stands, some of the items that provide tangible (if small) non-cosmetic benefits are very rare, if they're even on the market at all. I understand availability is a tricky thing to balance, but there are SO MANY items floating around in our "promotional item pool" right now that hopefully something can be done - even if it's just re-attaching them to purchases and not making them earnable through game participation.

Also, and this is just personal wishlist - bring back token rolls for a month. It is murder trying to get a decent supply of tokens and I am full on Vegeta about my token house right now.


  • ArceArce Member Posts: 13
    Re: Prize list for Love Arrows

    Multi-facet gems, ancestral chips/stones, hex cards, and earrings!
    We all got a free arrow!

    We have no way of knowing what prizes are associated with what tiers (aside from a very very good chance for something big in a gold tier)
    Putting the giftbag artifacts in for two months straight is mean - I don't need another glass cutting tool.
    We got Veil back in the game!

  • DecDec Member, Immortal Posts: 175 mod
    So, this all is subject to change without notice and all that, but here are some things you can win at the different levels.  Note that you're not going to win *just* a gladiator ticket even though that's on the list.  THose are more like add ons.

    121 Promo      a multi-facet gem
    122 Credits    25 Credits
    124 Credits    100 Credits
    127 Ticket     1 Gladiator Ticket
    128 Promo      a bottle of hot air
    129 Artifact   Artifact: a dispersing charm
    130 Artifact   Artifact: a sonic emitter
    131 Artifact   Artifact: an oblong transmitter
    132 Artifact   Artifact: a phantom beacon
    133 Earring    1 Earrings
    134 Artifact   Artifact: a glowing soulgem
    135 Artifact   Artifact: a glass cutting tool
    136 Artifact   Artifact: an accountant's book
    137 Artifact   Artifact: a divination crystal
    138 Artifact   Artifact: a fish charm
    123 Credits    50 Credits
    140 Hexcard    1 Hex Card
    125 RaceChip   1 Ancestral Chips

    141 Credits    50 Credits
    142 Credits    100 Credits
    143 Credits    250 Credits
    144 Credits    500 Credits
    145 Credits    1000 Credits
    146 Ticket     1 Gladiator Ticket
    147 Earring    1 Earrings
    148 Item       a multi-facet gem
    149 Artifact   Artifact: an ornate dictation pen
    150 Artifact   Artifact: a crystal pendulum on a s
    151 Artifact   Artifact: a slippery sllih-hide clo
    152 Artifact   Artifact: a crooked eyeglass
    153 Artifact   Artifact: a squirt bottle
    154 Artifact   Artifact: a chaotic crystal
    155 Artifact   Artifact: a quicksilver top
    156 Artifact   Artifact: a tombstone of Life
    157 Artifact   Artifact: a pet licence
    158 RaceStone  1 Ancestral Racestone

    159 Credits    50 Credits
    160 Credits    100 Credits
    161 Credits    250 Credits
    162 Credits    500 Credits
    163 Credits    1000 Credits
    164 Artifact   Artifact: a Sash of Malkav
    165 Artifact   Artifact: Ethereal Boots
    167 Artifact   Artifact: a Girdle of Aesir
    168 Artifact   Artifact: a pair of Seraphim Angel
    169 Artifact   Artifact: a Collar of Gazali
    170 Artifact   Artifact: Gauntlets of Aesir
    171 Artifact   Artifact: a Sash of Wisdom
    172 Artifact   Artifact: Boots of Dexterity
    173 Artifact   Artifact: a Girdle of the Titans
    174 Artifact   Artifact: a Gem of Transmutation
    175 Artifact   Artifact: a golden band of Baar
    176 Artifact   Artifact: an Illuminas ring
    177 Artifact   Artifact: a Quicksilver Amulet
    178 Artifact   Artifact: a brass circumferentor
    179 Artifact   Artifact: a steelweave surcoat
    180 Artifact   Artifact: a set of diamond bracelet
    181 Artifact   Artifact: a blood pendant
    182 Artifact   Artifact: a pair of Ogre's Gauntlet
    183 Artifact   Artifact: a Scholar's Sash
    184 Artifact   Artifact: Pixies' Boots
    185 Artifact   Artifact: a Diadem of the Quickenin
    186 Artifact   Artifact: a hunter's belt
    187 Artifact   Artifact: a set of silver bracelets
    188 Artifact   Artifact: a pair of Renascent Armgu
    189 Artifact   Artifact: Gloves of Harvesting
    190 Artifact   Artifact: a silver-weave pack
    191 Artifact   Artifact: an iridescent inkpot
    192 Artifact   Artifact: a Neelamic reservoir
    193 Artifact   Artifact: an Anklet of Dashing
    194 Artifact   Artifact: a dagger of reincarnation
    195 Artifact   Artifact: a gem of radiant offering
    196 RaceStone  1 Ancestral Racestone
    197 Artifact   Artifact: a headshrinker's kit
    198 Artifact   Artifact: a pair of ivory dice
    199 Artifact   Artifact: a silver spoon
    200 Artifact   Artifact: a glass of aura magnifica
    201 Ticket     1 Gladiator Ticket
  • ArceArce Member Posts: 13
    Thank you for this!  I was suspicious of the potential value of arrows compared to just buying the credits at 30% (plus or minus 10%) so this is a good way to eyeball potential value and takes a little bit less lootbox out of the whole thing.

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